• "Obsessed." The word repeats in my head, but I try to tell myself no. I'm not obsessed with her, the thought of her, or her well being. No, that's silly, why on earth would I be? We haven't talked in ages, unless you count that chat on the phone - the one where I didn't even apologize because she gave me hope... False hope, but still, I clung to it. I didn't even bother to think it through until it was too late to call her back. She asked me not to, I respect her wishes. "Obsessed," it's burning a hole in my brain like the teacher's eyes on me in class.

    I make an attempt to shake it off, avoid the source that put the very word in my head to no avail. My bloods feels like ice now, like I'm becoming obsessed with... the word "obsessed." Why'd. they have to mention it, at all? But then again, isn't it my fault? I do admit it, I mention that girl all the time. I don't even care who it hurts when I do, because I'm hurt by her... but there's no way I'd admit that to anyone, and if they think they're getting in my head they're sadly mistaken.

    "Obsessed," the word purrs against my ears. I feel a shiver run down my back, though the room is fairly warm. I tell myself not to worry, that pretty soon this won't even matter. ******** them, they don't know anything anyway. They think they can psycho-analyze me?! Think again! I'm nowhere near obsessed with my best friend! You're all nuts, baboons, idiots! I'm just... sulking isn't the right word? I'm just in between moving on. Is that really so bad? Just give it time. Let it be. Just let it be, guys. Seriously.

    But I already know as I tell myself that I want them to leave me alone, and that I'm in between moving on from her that there's not a chance in hell I want to move on from her. I'm stuck here, and I like it. I like reminiscing every night. I like mentioning her to people, they need to know about her when she comes back! That wasn't false hope! Time will be on my side. ******** Kait, what's she know? Time will never make or help me forget Mega- ... Oh, wait. Kait meant her forgetting me. And Paige is so jealous of just the idea of Megan... Maybe it is time to let her go? But not without a fight! Banzai!!!!!!!!!