• The next day at just after Giselle had finished her evening meal, Chris arrived.
    “Hello,” he said cheerfully.
    Giselle stared at him blankly as he opened up a folding chair and sat down. He leaned his elbows against his knees and smiled.
    “So, how are you today?”
    Giselle rolled her eyes at his futile attempts to start a conversation. She got up and went over to her bookshelf, feeling Chris’ gaze probing into the back of her head. Giselle ran a finger over the few titles until she chose one.
    “You like books?”
    Giselle carried the thin paperback over to her bed and she sat down without looking at Chris.
    “Come on, at least look at me for a moment.”
    Giselle looked up at him, just to make him shut up. She locked gazes with him for a few seconds before looking down at her book.
    “You like animals?” Chris asked, pointing to the book.
    Giselle stared down at the cover, which had a picture of a sunset on it. She looked up at Chris, staring at him like he was an idiot. Chris smiled and leaned back in his chair.
    “There we go. Now that we’ve made a connection, why don’t you talk to me?”
    Giselle whipped her book at his head. It smacked him hard on the forehead and Giselle gave a crooked smile. Chris stared straight at the edge of Giselle’s bed and frowned.
    He looked up and a confused look made itself present on his face.
    “So first you seem all innocent and nice with your books and your quietness and tiny exterior… but you turn into a little devil when you get annoyed. I would hate to see you angry.”
    Giselle was confused. She raised an eyebrow. Chris smiled.
    “Interesting,” he said.
    Giselle was even more confused.
    “Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    And with that, he picked his chair up and left the cell, shutting the door firmly behind him. Giselle sat there and listened as the locks were relocked and the cell fell silent.