• Morgan and Taylor

    It’s been a week since I got the book or Ellenia’s and I’m sitting at the table reading when I find something interesting. “ The story of Morgan and Taylor. “

    “ Morgan and Taylor ? “ Sakura asks

    “ My mother’s name was Morgan but I have no clue who Taylor is. “

    “ So read. “

    “Morgan and Taylor the twin daughters of Julia and Thomas Ellenia. It is said that together they were extremely powerful even at a young age. Sadly when Morgan was sixteen she disappeared. Her twin Taylor still lives in the Ellenia castle. ’

    “ What castle ? “

    “ It’s kinda like a mansion but it’s really old . It was a castle well it still is. The Ellenia’s use to be like queens. I read about it yesterday. “

    “ Oh. So you have a aunt. “

    “ Ya. I guess I do. “

    Maylin comes into the room. “ What are you guys talking about ? “

    “ We are talking about my aunt. “

    “ Your aunt ? “ She asks

    I show her the book

    “ Maybe she could tell you where the box is. Or at least what’s in it. “ Maylin says

    “ Too bad I don’t know where she lives. “ I flip throught the pages until I find a family tree. “ Oh my god look. “ I point to the tree.

    “ Wow. “ The twiins say at once.

    “ Okay so my mother’s parents were Julia and Thomas . It says here that Julia is still alive. My dad told me my grandmother was dead. “

    “ Maybe he thinks she’s dead. “ Sakura says.

    “ Maybe. “ I notice a question mark by my mom’s name. “ Look at this. “

    “ That’s because they don’t know if she’s dead or alive. “ Maylin tells me.

    “ Right . But Taylor is and she has a daughter named Madison. “

    Sakura looks over my shoulder. “ So that means there are three people who know what’s in the box. “

    “ And there to find it. “ Maylin adds.

    “ If they get to the box before us we will never know what was in it. “ Sakura suddenly says.

    “ I still can’t believe my father lied to me. “

    “ What do you mean ? “ Sakura asks

    “ He lied about my grandmother. “ I answer

    “ Unless he thinks she’s dead. “ Sakura says

    “ Why would he think that. “ And then it hits me. “ Unless my mother told him that. “

    “ Exactly. “ Sakura smiles

    “ I’m confused. “ Maylin says from the other side of the table

    “ My mother told my father her parents were dead. “

    Maylin ponders this for a minute “ I still don’t get it. “

    “ She couldn’t let Sarah’s father meet her parents because they didn’t even know if she was alive. “ Sakura says to her sister.

    “ Okay. I get it now. “

    “ Good. “ Me and Sakura say at once.