• It isn’t easy being the new kid in school especially if you’re from a different planet. I lived my whole life up until now on Betelgeuse 7. I was normal there. Here on earth I’m the weird kid with the weird name. I’ve never understood why I was named Ix don’t you think that’s a funny name for a girl? Well it was a weird name on Betelgeuse so it’s even weirder here on earth. I do try to fit in I really do. It’s just that it’s so hard for me to even fit in half way, and it’s not like the kids at school are helping. So every day I sit alone at lunch and I'm the last one to get a partner in gym. I walk to school alone and I walk home alone. Weekends stink because I have no friends to hang out with. All in all my life on earth is a disaster. Let my help you understand exactly what a day in my life is like.

    “Ix get down here you’re gunna be late for school”
    “I’m coming! Shut up”
    “If you’re not down here in 10 seconds I’m telling mom that you broke the teleporter!”
    “Who do you think mom will listen to me or you?”
    I walk down the stairs and out the door slamming it behind me. Why does she always get away with everything?
    “Hey Ix” shouts a kid from school “did you finish math??”
    “Ya why…”
    “Well I didn’t exactly finish and I was wondering if you would…”
    “NO! I will not tell you the answers i’m tired of you always copying off my papers!”
    “Please just number 14, please!”
    I walk faster and he jogs to catch up.
    “GO AWAY!” I say and stop walking altogether. He stops and stairs at me.
    “What’s wrong with you?”
    I don’t say anything and start walking again. I see the school now it’s about two blocks away, I walk faster. Then something hits the back of my head, it wasn’t too hard, I wasn’t very soft ether. I reach back and touch my hair where whatever it was hit me. Dirt? Was that DIRT? I spun around to face the kid from school. He has a clump of dirt in his hand poised to throw. I was sorta out of ideas on what to do next to I ran. I ran as fast as I could toward the school. When I got there I was completely out of breath, I leaned on the brick wall of the school. About 20 other kids where already waiting outside for a teacher to come open the door and let us be miserable for the next 8 hours. A girl looked at me, and then looked at her friends. She turned back to me and started to walk over. The girl was Kate she was a popular and a mean one to.
    “You’re such a loser.” she said.
    “You’re one to be talking” I snapped back. She didn’t flinch. She looked at me carefully examining all my cloths and my hair.
    “Nice socks” she said when she saw my neon orange knee highs. “And what’s in you’re hair? Dirt?” she says as she grabs a lock of my hair “have a nice day geek.” she yanks my hair and walks away.
    Then to make things worse the boy that threw the dirt comes up the sidewalk and throws another handful. Smother kids think this looks fun and decide to throw dirt to. A teacher finally came and I thought they where all finally busted but no. they all drop the dirt and shuffle in the door leaving me covered in dirt I walk in and the teacher yells at me for being covered in dirt. Now im gunna skip to homeroom. I walk to homeroom and sit in the desk in the back left corner. Mrs. Galdarf starts to take attendance.
    “Ramona Anderson?”
    “Ix Bellmore?”
    “Ix Bellmore?”
    “Ix Bellmore!?!”
    “Ix don’t yell in the classroom.”
    And so school begins…I think dropping my head.