• Once upon a time,(i know this phrase is boring and should be in fairytales...sorry) there was a man who has leukemia and he is dying but he doesn't want to let his girlfriend know that he is dying because he dont wanna see her crying so he just made a plan...and he knows that its not a good one but its the only way to let her go.

    He said to his girlfriend "i'll go somewhere,wanna come?" then his girlfriend answered "yes,of course...uhmm...where do you want to go?"
    he paused for a moment then he replied "somewhere peaceful and will make all your worries gone"
    then his gf said,"sounds interesting!I'll just change my clothes ok?"
    "ok,I'll just wait downstairs",her boyfriend said

    The boy went downstairs but he didn't wait.Instead,he went outside the house,but before that,he left a message for his girlfriend.

    after 3 minutes,his girlfriend went downstairs then she said "im done! where are--"
    "Where is he?"
    She went outside but she saw no one...
    Then she went back inside and tried to call him,but he won't answer.
    So she decided to call his parents but then she remembered that their phone is unavailable right now because of some technical problems.
    But she saw something on their table.A letter.

    She then read the message:

    "I'm sorry for leaving,but i really need to because i love you so much.
    I have leukemia,darling and i don't want you to find out because i don't want you to cry again and watch me go.

    So, before i go i just want you to know that i love you and i will never forget you even if im gone,i'll still watch you wherever you go.I'll always be here.

    And promise me you'll find someone else that will love you truly and will never leave you like what i just did.

    Take care always.

    will always love you,

    She didn't cry,she obeyed John...but she said that she'll never find someone else again because there's no one like John...and there's no one that will replace John in her heart forever.

    (so i hope you enjoyed.....i just made this story shorter but i promise to submit the whole story!)

    The End.