• i woke up in the sheets of a bed again, but this time it was to cold to handle. i shivered, pulled the blankets off, and started feeling my way around the room. suddenly, i felt bare skin and quickly pulled back. i heard a sigh.
    i'm sorry, i thought, this time knowing he'd hear my thoughts.
    "thats alright. i was just sleeping." said gravel voice.
    i began thinking of his name once again and almost asked before he said something.
    "why do you think i need a name so badly?
    because everyone must have something to be called as. what will i do when i need you? what should i call? i'm completely helpless, being blind and all!
    he sighed and pulled himself up. "what do you want to call me?"
    i had to think for a while don't you have a name?
    "no. here, we just feel the presents of other people and know when they want you. its a mind connection. having a name is for the light."
    well, i can't do that mind stuff. can i call you something anyway?
    he sighed his gravel sigh again. "if you must"
    i thought of a few names but didn't seem to find a fitting one.
    "i like that one." he said.
    what one?
    thats not a name, Gravel Voice.
    "what is gravel any who?"
    stuff to pave roads. i thought of what it would look like.
    "yes i seem to get it." he mumbled something "i'd like the name Fitting" he said proudly.
    i laughed a bit. thats not a name! just think of having a silly name like that!
    "well, i seem to think its a good name! what kind of a name is Autumn, hmmm?"
    i sighed, how about a name thats like Fitting? you know, like Fred or fill or frank or Fitch?
    "i like Fitch"
    i suddenly felt him nod.
    okay, Fitch, what do you DO here anyway?
    for some reason, he gasped and i could feel him jump off the bed and rush somewhere.
    "Stay right there! do you understand?"
    i nodded as i felt his presents leave.
    and that is where i waited.

    Thanks for reading part one of "The Other Part Of Good Night part 3!"
    part 4 coming soon