• "Oh my God Kasey are you okay?", Kyle said rushing over. Slowly I was beggining to open my eyes. "Where am I?", I asked. He glanced at me. "You at home, in Connecticut", he responded. "Do you have amnisha?". Sitting up I said, "Your Kyle, my older brother." Kyle sat down next to me asking, "Can you tell me everything you remember?".
    "Sure. I'm kasey Daniels, your my older brother Kyle, and I remember these numbers 18479362894". Kyle stood up and went to the phone, then turned back and kneeled beside me. "Stay here and don't do anything", he said. "Okay".
    He went to the phone and dialed a number. "Dad there's something wrong with Kasey. I think he has amnisha. Okay. I just came home and he was on the floor. Dad are you sure. Maybe I should take him to the hospital. Okay bye." He hung up. "Who was that?", I asked. He grabbed the keys to the car. "We're going to the hospital. C'mon"