• I saw a face in the mirror yesterday. It was a dark, creepy, and shocking. Just looking at it gives gets me afraid of everything around me. It goes away in the day and appears in the night. I can't focus with it's glowing eyes looking me straight in the face. I was tired of this, I got my baseball bat and swung it at the dreadfull mirror. the face shattered as the glass fell to the cold hard ground. He laughed maniaclly and screamed my name repeatedly. Neighbours thought I was crazy and my friends laughed at me. My story seemed like a lie to everyone but I never lost faith in finding a way to make it stop.

    -5 months later:

    I was going to the store to pick up a few things. I saw a man dressed in all white looking at me directly. He then came to me and told me I was in danger. I checked out my groceries and never spoke a next word. I was petrified, it was like I knew him but I didn't a rather strange feeling. I went in my car and he was sitting in the back seat telling me that something wants my soul. I ran to the police and told them a man had been following me. They laughed in my face and shun me. I always despised them but i had no where else to go. Another weeked past and i saw him again, this time he wanted me greatly and threw liquid in my face, then he began to sing in a high pitch. The next morning my face was full of bumps and started to turn rough, my hair on my hands were getting stiff and pointy. I developed a craving for meat. My legs were feeling weak, now! i can levitate a few inches off the ground. I ran away and never went back, i was afraid of what my parents would think..so i ran into the wind of the night