• Lunch started and Mandy already knew she was in for it when she saw Cindy Cloister sitting next to Ryan. Cindy was just only the prettiest,most popular,but the most blondest girl in school. Mandy has hatted her for years ever since they were in kindergarten and Cindy Pushed her off of the jungle gym, and made her cry and told everyone she was a baby.
    "Ohh Hey Cry Baby." Cindy snickers.
    "Cindy leave me alone im not in the mood to hear your cow call this early."
    "You know whats funny?"
    "What how your still talking?"
    "Um no!, that this morning you were eying Ryan."
    "Cindy is the most devilish,evil little blond bimbo that ever walked this earth!" Mandy thought to herself. She took a quick glance at Ryan who was weirdly starring right at her.
    "You know Cindy.........I'm not even going to say it because your not worth wasting my self dignity by dissing you, so good day b***h!"
    Mandy walked away as quickly as possible because:
    1.She was afraid what was going to happen next.
    2.Ryan was walking right behind her trying to get her attention.
    "Hey um...Mandy wait up!"
    As Mandy turned around in response she closed her eyes really tight and wished as hard as she could that she was at home in bed and didn't even bother to show up today.
    "Hey Mandy you know i don't know why you just tell Cindy off cause she deserves it 100 percent."
    Mandy couldn't believe what she just heard.
    "Is Ryan really talking too me?, Am I dreaming?,What is for lunch Im starving?" Mandy thought to herself.
    "Why are you giving me advice to tell off your girlfriend?"
    "Look shes not my girlfriend,She keeps telling everyone I m but im not,Shes evil and ridiculously stupid at times and shes just not the right one."
    Mandy chuckled at the fact that Ryan called Cindy ridiculously stupid and that he dumped her.
    "Soo than why is she sitting with you then,not that i care i mean i dont care,do you think i care cause i don't I'm just curious why....." Mindy shut her mouth with her hands and thought Ryan was just gunna walk away in slow motion tilted to the side with a "What the ******** just happened?" look on his face. But amazingly he didn't. He just laughed and proceeded on with the conversation.
    "She just walked over there and started too talk to me, and when she talks its just on and on and on." He did that cute little puppet hand thing and chuckled. Mandy chuckled along with him and thought she was going to melt while he smiled at her. Over at the other end of the cafeteria Cindy was on her jealous rage and was blabbing to her friend Katie about the whole ordeal and of course lying about every single word. Who knew some one as small and stupid as she is to make up good,believable lies in matter of seconds.
    "Oh my god Katie right after i dump Ryan hes already talking to the garage girl over there."
    "Well then he must be desperate and lost without you." Katie said.
    "Yea... hes going to go crazy without me.",No one too kiss,love,and have sex with."
    "You already had sex with him?"
    "Well duh Katie if you were pretty enough and cool enough to have a boyfriend and do that with him maybe you would understand!"
    Katie's been taking her cruel words since they met in 5th grade. Without Katie Cindy would be nothing. She Drags Katie around in her mouth like shes a bull dog and a dead cat.
    "So you want to stand here or get lunch?" Ryan said
    "Ohh umm yea sure." Mandy replied with a overwhelming smile of certainty and happiness.
    "I cant believe Ryan Sleser is actually walking with me to get lunch and talking to me,BONUS!" Mandy said to herself.
    They grabbed there lunches and right after the most exiting,best lunch of a lifetime was over Mandy and Ryan had to go there separate ways to class. While Cindy was still scowling and demeaning Katie.

    ---To Be Continued---