• Elissa cut herself on a tree as she was passing by.She was a vampire, A pure vampireshe wasn't a made vampire. The cut healed within a few miniutes. She was being chased by Akira verin.The famous vampire hunter. Elissa heard a noise. She immediately jumped to a fighting stance , the thing that made a noise walked out. "Rachel. Sorry Verin is hunting me again. I lead him east of here, with a bit of blood and my cloak." she relaxed. "Its okay he saw me and followed i did the same thing. He looked suprised to see me standing there fully transformed. he just barely said wolf before fainting."Rachel answered. The two girls laughed and told each other about what they had been doing. About two hours later they agreed to walk back to Rachels house. Elissa was shot as soon as she walked in the door. Rachel had tricked her. It was a trap , she was working for Akira.
    The last thing Elissa saw before she died was rachel and Verin fighting. Rachel screamed "you didn't have to kill her.You are a big liar and a theif!"
    Rachel killed Akira . Then she saw Elissa lying in a pool of blood - she cried for a couple of hours. She then remembered about Elissa being a pure blood and pulled the bullet out and stitched up the hole in her chest and bringing her back to life using a remedy that only she knew.
    Elissa smiled at Rachel. With Akira killed and both of them safe they could finally carry on hunting. Or searching for Rachels parents.