• Deuce: Grand Zeora
    Chapter 1
    The Beginning

    Hi, my name is Deuce.
    I don't really know much about myself at the moment.
    But what i do know is that i live on this planet called Grand Zeora.
    It is a very desolate looking place where a race called the Zeora live.
    They're an ancient race that use their time wisely to create something new everyday.
    They have made everything from scratch.
    Which confuses me because there isn't hardly anything left on the planet.
    I have to wear tattered rags because that means im an underling, a newbie, someone they don't need right now.
    My plan is to prove myself to them.
    Being only 7 years old, i can't do that much...
    The Zeora are way smarter than me.
    If i can just get myself a gun, i'll be alright.
    I know i can handle a gun, i've watched Zeoras handle them all my life.
    So now's the time to do, or die.

    The Zeora always seem to hold their guns in glass cases.
    What i need to do is break the glass case and distract them at the same time.
    I'm outside of the cave because that's the time right now, outside time.
    I know the cave very well, there is a tunnel i can sneak into that is outside covered by a rock so no one can see it.
    So i'll sit down on the ground and draw a plan with a stick in the dirt.
    That's all the planet is now, is dirt...
    A guard is standing a little ways into the cave by a gun.
    The tunnel leads right to that spot due to alot of planning by me.
    The plan will go like this...
    I will go through the tunnel bringing 2 rocks with me.
    The first one i'll use to go in and throw it at the Zeora and run into the tunnel, breaking the glass case.
    The glass case is in a cube type of shape and isn't that thick for some odd reason.
    The other rock i'll use when i go into the tunnel, i'll surface where the gun is and throw the rock outside, so the Zeora will check on me.
    Time to put this into action.
    I go ahead and take an aim at where i know the glass case is and throw the rock as i hear a shatter.
    I run to the tunnel where i crawl through it as fast as i can.
    I see the light at the end.
    I find that the Zeora has actually gone inside the cave to get help.
    I didn't plan for that.....
    But hey! at least the gun is in the open.
    So i get out of the tunnel and grab the gun.
    Going back in the tunnel.
    What if they're waiting on the other side of the tunnel?
    I wait half way through and dig a little hole so i can stash the gun there.
    I keep going to find out there is a Zeora outside looking for me.
    Covering up the tunnel as fast as i can, i run over to it.
    "Hey" i say
    Looking at the creature, you'd see a hairy type of human.
    Hair everywhere, on the face, but not really so much, it goes down their arms and legs, its everywhere!
    He looks down at me, because he is really tall saying "Did you throw a rock from out here?!"
    "Yep, i did." knowing that the only punishment was going to bed early.
    "We will take some food away from you for that action and you will also go to bed early!" the Zeora said with intention.
    I went to bed, but i didn't really care about the food ordeal, their food sucks.
    I'll be eating all i want soon after i prove myself.

    Chapter 1 ends.