• Prologue

    The world is not perfect. There are anomolies. Creatures that will seek to do you harm. To those of you who live in fear...
    The origins of these creatures are shrouded in secrecy. But according to legend... These creatures were once the original habitants of this land. When they vanished people flourished.
    Humans... Untamed... Winged elves... and other magical creatures. For a time... They lived in peace. Then came the discovery of Heaven's Tear... and the advent of war.
    For a thousand years our people fought for control of the sacred city. Territories were won... and lost. Bonds were made... and broken.
    The very Earth shook with the forces of battles.
    Then, as the fires of war raged to their feircest... an ancient threat re-emerged. The creatures long last to be extinct returned to full force... more corrupt and malevolent then before.
    Not living, but not quite dead...
    These monstrosities became known as Rainoks. With the three races desperately engaged in civil war... the Rainoks conquered all that they touched with little resistance.
    They have overrun our land. Corrupted our temples. It will not be long before all is lost.
    I am Morrick, creator of the prophecies. Some would call me a wizard or a God. But I am merely a caretaker.
    It was I who created the Humans, in this world, with the knowledge of growth... Blessed the winged elves ability to fly... Imbued the untamed with capacity to self awareness.
    But the Rainoks were my gravest mistake... I erased them once before. But i cannot do so again.
    As the sun sets in the fire-blowned sky... so concludes the age of the prophecies.
    I am dieing, I can no longer be the keeper and caretaker of this world and keep it safe.
    Therefore I leave custody of this world... to the new generation of heroes. Seven warriors, that will come from a different world. With their power together they will restore our world to the proper state and take it back from the Rainoks.
    I leave my trusted friend to find the first of the warriors that will lead and find the others.
    There courage will be required. Sacrifice. Unity. This perfect world is at an end. But the quest to reclaim it... has only just begun.