• Chapter 8
    "Ruku, -"
    "Don't look at me!"
    "Ruku, it's okay. It wasn't your fau-"
    "Yes, Kayame, it was my fault. Konata wanted to kill me. She blew the posioned dart towards me and you took it for me. It is my fault. If you weren't a full werewolf, it would've killed you. You're lucky you were just paralyzed."
    "Get away from me! I'm no good for you!"
    "No, you're not." Kayame threw the engagement ring at Ruku. He looked up, tears welling.
    "K-kay. . . what are you -"
    "I'm leaving you. All you ever do is almost get me killed. Goodbye, Ruku Yamato." Kayame walked away. Ruku, in shock, loooked down at the ring and cried on the hospital bed.
    "Why, God!?! Why have you given me everything, just to take it away!?! Answer me!" He looked up. With no response, he kicked the bed over. Then he looked up again, tears staining his face.
    "Answer me, damn you!!!! From this day on, I will curse your 'holy' name!!!" Ruku then fell to his knees and cried more. Kayame got to the first floor and then broke down and cried. Be strong, Kay, she thought to herself. He'll understand why you did what you did some day. He'll still love you as you still love him. She continued to cry regardless.

    Ruku and the others dressed in black and attended the funeral of Haku Toshiro and the three other Black Ops. members that were killed during the battle a week before. Amy Hayashi and Misa Toshiro held each other while they wept together; Amy had lost her father figure while Misa lost her soulmate. The caskets were put into the ground and dirt was thrown upon them. Misa then hugged Amy goodbye, and wiping the tears from her eyes, walked to her car and drove home. "Lieutenat Hayashi. A word please," asked temporary Commander Tokonawa. Amy, though devastated, walked with her head held high over to Tokonawa. "Yes, what is it," she asked. Tokonawa replied, "On behalf of the Black Operations Headquarters, we would like you to succeed Haku Toshiro as the new Commander of the Village of the Blue Mist." Amy looked surprised, but just for a second; she resumed her poker face. "Tell the brass that I am very honored with this opportunity, however, I must respectfully decline," Amy said. Now it was Tokonawa's turn to be surprised, even taken aback. Careful Rin, Amy cynically thought, your face may stay like that. Tokonawa stammered, "B-b-ut B-b-ut-" Amy put her left index finger to his lips, silencing him. "Tell them this too. As of this day, I resign from the Black Ops. but I will keep the title Lieutenat should I ever decide to return." Amy left Tokonawa speechless, and walked to Ruku. She broke down and ran into his open arms and cried into his chest. He looked at Kayame and she looked back and they both understood completely; after all, hadn't they buried their own fair share of those whom they loved? He held her and walked her back to her car. Cars were a fairly new invention; thus they were seldom seen as they were very expensive. However, Amy's salary was well into the six digits. Since Amy was in no condition to drive, Kayame took the wheel. Though she had no modes of transportation, she had passed every test and was qualified to drive any vehical. They drove back to the Village. Amy packed her things and said goodbye to her mother. Then the group drove back to their old home and Amy's new one.