• Later that week, the colony was finished packing and ready to leave. Robert noticed that Yuuki was not acting like her normal self, so Robert went to check on her.

    “Yuuki,” Robert said in a tone that made her jump, “is something the matter? Are you feeling okay?”

    She was not expecting him to sound so worried, so she tried to cover it up. “No, nothing is wrong. Just thinking.” she said putting on a smile.

    “You know, that’s my trick. I only use it when something is on my mind. But, it’s your business, not mine, so I should just leave you to yourself.” Robert said while turning to leave.

    “Wait!” Yuuki exclaimed, then she ran up to Robert and just when she was about to kiss him, Kiba burst in.

    “Yo! What’s going on?” He said in a curious tone. Yuuki realized that Kiba was there and smacked Robert on the face.

    “How dare you try to kiss me!” Yuuki yelled.

    “Okay, now. I’ll let you two sort this matter out yourselves.” He said while backing out the door he just burst through.

    “I’m sorry, Robert. I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.” She said while bowing down in the traditional Japanese way of apologizing.

    “Whatever, I came to see if you’re okay, and I get hit in the face. Guess I can’t be close to anyone without being hurt.” Robert said then turned to leave only to be stopped by a very emotional Yuuki crying her eyes out.

    “I said that I was sorry. I… I…” she never finished, Robert broke the embrace then stormed out of the building leaving Yuuki standing there sobbing. “Robert, why don’t you love me?” She said to herself through her own sobs.

    Meanwhile, Robert decided to assemble the team to discuss the objective of the mission the next day. Before the meeting, Robert told Kiba to not mention what happened that day between him and Yuuki.

    “I don’t care about what you think, Kiba, do not tell anyone or you will regret it sorely.” Robert said giving Kiba his infamous “death stare.” “Do you understand me?”

    “Yeah, yeah. I understand completely.” Kiba said in a nonchalant way.

    “I’m serious.”

    “They are going to wonder about your bruise, though.”

    “Let me take care of that.” He said to a very confused Kiba. “I see I need to clarify.” Robert said giving Kiba a black eye.

    “GOD DAMMIT! Why did you punch me in the face?!” Kiba yelled.

    “That’s our story. I was talking sh*t about you, you hit me, then I settled it. That way we don’t sound like idiots. Memorize it, and make it convincing, or I’ll do more. Capicé?”

    “Fine.” said Kiba covering his eye.

    Later, at the meeting, Tenten and Shikamaru were asking questions about Kiba’s left eye.

    “I don’t want to talk about it!” Kiba yelled.

    “Kiba and I had an altercation, and I made the final point.” Robert said while walking into the room. Akamaru was the only other person (animal) that knew the truth.

    Like hell, we did. You just flat out hit me in the damn face. Kiba thought to himself.

    Three hours later, just as the team finished their meeting, dinner was called. When they got at the table, Tenten and Shikamaru noticed that Yuuki wasn't at the table, causing questions to form in their minds. Shikamaru also noticed that Robert was deep in though and looked guilty about something, but he didn’t voice his opinion.

    The next day, Robert was looking for Yuuki all through the caravan, he finally found her hiding in the cart that she was living in for the next three weeks.

    “Yuuki.” Robert said in a very soft voice. She looked up, but then looked away and said nothing. “May I join you?”


    Robert then jumped in through the door in the top and sat on the floor next to her. “Look, I’m sorry about storming out on you yesterday, I know that I was wrong and I should have showed you the fact that I understood the reason as to why you had too, and I’m sorry for ignoring you.” He looked over and saw a single tear roll down her cheek. “Here, let me get that for you.” He said as he reached over to wipe the tear off of her face, only to have a crying Yuuki throw herself onto him. Robert returned the motion by holding her as she cried about how she mistreated him the day before. Robert just put his hand on the back of her head gently and let her get all of her crying done. “You feel any better?” Robert asked looking into her eyes with an incredible amount of kindness.

    “Yes I do.” She said wiping her nose with her arm.

    “Well, then, we had some interrupted business yesterday; didn’t we.” He said kindly.

    Yuuki was shocked that Robert, the infamous Reaper of Konoha, would remind her of the almost kiss the had twice the week before. She came in slowly and he started to lean into as well. As soon as they started kissing, Kiba poked his head down into the cart and said something about them kissing and then Robert flipped him off.

    Really now, fine, I’ll leave you two alone, but I’m telling the rest of the team about it.” Kiba said mockingly. Just at that moment, Robert flipped him off again without realizing that Kiba already left them alone.

    When Kiba left, he had evil thoughts going through his mind. Maybe I could use this as my revenge. Let’s see what happens when the other two see this. He found Tenten and Shikamaru and told them to look in Yuuki’s cart without telling them what was going on.

    When Tenten looked in, she just said how cute they looked together and left them alone. Shikamaru, on the other hand, just sat there watching them together, making it a very creepy and awkward moment for Robert and Yuuki. Robert thought that his only non-lethal weapon would run him off, but his Flip the Bird Jutsu failed its intended purpose, he was still there watching them until they stopped and asked him to leave.

    “Alright, but we need to be on look out at our points before we can leave.”

    “Sorry about that. We’ll continue later.” He said then kissed her on the cheek.

    When he jumped onto the top of the cart, he saw Kiba grinning like the Kyuubi, then mouthed “Payback’s a b*tch, aint it?” at Robert who leaped over to Kiba and said in a low voice:”You had better remember that.” causing Kiba gulp in fear. Robert then proceeded to take his place on the lead cart. The caravan began to move at Robert’s signal, and Robert sat down and began to scan the area around them with a five km radius and kept looking for anyone who would hinder their progress to the docks.