• 1300 Hours/August 14, 2010. Location: Marks Department Store.

    Bulldog grabbed Repo by her arm as the zombie reached to take a bite out of her. Bulldog pulled her away and accidentally released her, causing her to slam against the wall. “Ghost!” called Bulldog. Ghost looked up at his commander. “Order the troops! Fall back!” he turned back around to the passed out Repo. She had taken much damage, and Bulldog knew that they were screwed. Repo was their only medic.

    Ghost nodded, running forward without a noise. He slipped his 50 Cal sniper rifle over his shoulder, stopping suddenly. He called out to the other members of Ice squad to fall back. Leland, Star, and Blossom wasn’t shocked by this sudden demand by Bulldog. The two recruits, Auto and Beth were and refused to take the order. Blossom screamed at the top of her lungs at the recruits. “Get your asses over here. Now!”

    Bulldog picked Repo up into his arms, feeling his blonde hair touching his arms. Blood covered her right cheek and he truly was worried about her. The dark room flashed to light once lightning came through the windows. It illuminated three zombies behind him, which Ghost had then killed by the time they had all realized it. Star had a grave expression on her face as they escaped the building. The building wasn’t as bad as the past ones, but they didn’t want to go back to the Marks Department Store.

    They walked quickly back to their headquarters at Marks Pawn Shop. The small city of Marks had been overran by zombies and Bulldog has assembled a team of survivors together to rid the city of the undead. There are other squads, but at this moment, he was more concerned about getting his team some food and rest. As they walked, he asked Star, “Have you got anything?”

    Star replied, “Just a few bandages and some baby aspirin. Looks like the Department Store had been cleared out for a while.”

    Bulldog cursed as Blossom opened the headquarters door. She held it open for Bulldog and Repo, which he lied her on the soft couch. He turned to Auto and Beth. “Blossom, Ghost, take them into the back room and tell them how important it is to follow orders.”

    Discipline here wasn’t as bad as the vicious Bulldog made it sound. There was some yelling and cursing, and that was usually it. Blossom grabbed Beth by her shirt and pulled her into the back room, Ghost doing the same to Auto. Bulldog said, “Leland, go ahead and repair the barricades. Star, go cook up something hot for the team. We’re gonna be resting for a few days before we do another raid.”

    They nodded to their leader. Leland began to grab large wooden planks and a power drill once Blossom left the room. He began repairing the barricades on the windows.

    Bulldog was once not impressed with his team. He was twenty-eight, short brown hair, brown eyes and the muscular body of an athlete. He was called Bulldog because of his vicious fight style: Kill first, ask questions later. Ghost was his second-in-command and Bulldog’s best friend. Ghost was twenty-six with white short hair and blue eyes. He was called Ghost because he was silent with every killing blow that he made. He was undetectable. Leland was the repairman and probably the smallest of the team. He was eighteen and had short black hair, emerald eyes. He wasn’t as annoying as Auto, that was for sure. Auto was twenty, a hot shot, and didn’t do a damn thing. He had long blonde hair tied into a braid with black beady eyes. Bulldog warned his that his hair could get yanked by zombies and that would be the end of him. But, Auto said: “If the women get long hair, then I get to.”

    The women were something else. There was Star, the eight year old scavenger of the team. She had pink hair that was tied into a high ponytail, and was able to slip past most zombies. Her crystal blue eyes always searched for food, medicine, or ammo, anything that she could get her hands on. Repo was Star’s “keeper”, and would never let anything happen to the little girl. Blossom was crazy. She was sharp, like a Blossom, and wasn’t as nice as Star. The twenty-four year old would tell you about your a** and tell things about you that you didn’t even know! Her black hair was short, and her deep green eyes were cold. She was pretty, but she scared the hell out of people easily. Beth was the other recruit besides Auto, and damn was she annoying to Bulldog. She was the same age as Auto and didn’t know anything about zombie survival. Wearing high heeled boots and short skirts, Beth always makes Bulldog come to her rescue in any possible way imaginable. Whether whining that she hurt her leg, or that she couldn’t swim, Bulldog had to pull her out of each jam. Beth had long grey hair in two braids and soft grey eyes. And then there was their one and only, irreplaceable medic, Repo. Repo was twenty-five with straight blonde hair into a ponytail like Claire Redfield’s hairstyle, and she had flawless blue eyes. They were the eyes that could tell you how she was feeling, and it worried Bulldog. He couldn’t see those eyes right now.

    He got up, pulling off his white t-shirt and tossing it into a corner of clothes. It didn’t really look like white, with his own blood and the blood of zombies covering the front. He grabbed a black muscle shirt and put it on, it crafting his muscular chest well. Bulldog pulled down some peroxide, a dry washcloth, and a few bandages that Star had gotten. He walked over to Repo, couching down next to her. Her chest was rising and falling slowly with each breath she took. He poured some peroxide onto the cloth, lightly touch her right cheek with it. She winced as it bubbled, getting rid of the blood on her cheek and the dirt. Bulldog wiped it off and placed a Band-Aid on the bleeding cut. Then he whispered to her, “I’m sorry, Repo.”

    Star walked over to him, her boots softly thumping on the ground. The cutest thing was that the small girl was holding a cup of coffee out to him. He took it and kissed the top of her head. “Thanks, Star.”

    “I’m sorry that I couldn’t find more in the Department Store, Bulldog.” she said sadly as he drank the hot coffee.

    Leland said, “Come on, kid. It’s not your fault that it was already cleaned out.” he stopped repairing the windows. “Almost done, Bulldog.” he said, yawning. “Damn, I beat.”

    Bulldog stood up as Star took the peroxide and bandages away back to the cabinet. “I’ll do it. Take this. You look like you can use it.” he traded the coffee for the drill. They always shared food and drinks; they really didn’t care about germs or backwash. Bulldog began repairing the barricades quickly. There was a thunderstorm coming and he figured that the lights would go out. By the time he was done, Blossom and Ghost was done chastising the recruits. Beth and Auto was mad, sitting in a corner alone. Ghost walked over to his sister, putting the back of his hand on her forehead. He turned to Bulldog.

    “How is she?” he asked quietly.

    “She fine. She just wore out.” Bulldog said. “I’ll watch over her.” he said, turning to Repo. She was beautiful . . . Living like this wasn’t fair. Ghost walked away as Bulldog sat on the ground, leaning against the couch. He fell asleep.