• Chapter 6

    Night came faster then ever, we got in the car, and left the hotel. We were on the road for hours none stop, outside the road was long green fields with no end in site.

    “ Mark why are you slowing down, we are not even three-fourths there yet.”

    “ Why are we stopping, well..”, Chad was next to me in the front seat. I moved a little so he could sit in the set, even though I was right agents the car door.

    “ Well nothing, what is it”, Mark didn’t take his eyes off of the road.

    “ I waned to go to this little town just a little ways that way”, he pointed up ahead. “ My mom and dad live there we could stay the night until the sun goes down”, Chad was furious at what he was hearing. Before I could say anything Chad moved me to the back seat of the jeep without falling out, who knows how fast he was going. Chad had his mind on something just by the expiration on his face, he was thinking of any answer.

    “ How old?”

    “ Mom is 67 and dad is 75”,Chad looked at him then the clock on the bash board. It was silent in the car no one said anything, even I didn’t want to break the silents.

    “ If we do stop we have to pull a all-nighter just to get back on track if we do stop, it would be just better if we just ran all the way there it would’ve been easer”, Chad just looked at him and nodded.
    “ Is that a yes”, Chad nodded again and moved right next to me in the back seat.

    “ I don’t mind stopping to see your family and all, and when I get control of myself I could drive Kieren car back to him and visit my mom too”, Chad chucked and Mark drove off the highway onto another side road. A sign came up on the road ahead that said ‘Welcome to Rainyville’ even though there was no rain in the clouds above us, or I think they don’t. There was a few houses here and there until we pulled up to a yellow house with a white fence, the light on the front porch was on and on a old swing was two older people holding hands. If you looked up close they looked tired and sad, Mark got out and I just stood up in the back hopping they couldn’t see me. Chad was next to me and helped me down, something didn’t feel right it felt uneven and evil. As we got to the porch the coupes eyes got big and tears started to come out, the woman was the first to get up to hug Mark close to her. The man got up shock his hand with lead to a hug, the woman hugged him again with her whole heart.

    “ We never stopped thinking about you, we are so glade you came to visit please come in. I just made a fresh batch of cookies”, Mark looked at us then back at them.

    “ Mom, dad I have my friends with me”, he held out his hand to me and I took it. “ This is Anglia and this is Chad”, his hand was on his shoulder as if they where friends forever.

    “ I’m so glade to see both of you, come on in”, Mark held out his hand.

    “ Go ahead we need to talk about something”, she nodded and went inside. I was just about to go inside but Chad and Mark were in my way, they where looking around the yard to find something. “ Do you feel that Chad.”

    “ Yeah”, Chad looked at both of us. “ Get her inside, slowly”, but before I could move I was already in Marks arms flying to the door. I looked behind me to see Chad fighting a shadow, Mark froze right at the door. We watched Chad fight with it until he was on the floor, it looked at us but before it got to us Chad was on its back.

    “ Mark what are you doing get her out of here, go now”, Mark didn’t move. He still had me in his arms, my feet couldn’t touch the floor so I couldn’t do anything but yell at him. “ I will find you, just get her safe and out of here”, Mark flinched then looked down at me. He finely ran, set me down, started the jeep, and took off.

    “ What will happen to him, will it kill him”, Mark didn’t say anything all he was doing was looking at the road. I took a beep breath and touch his shoulder to calm him down. He was speeding like crazy I had to do something before we both get killed, and I wasn’t ready to die even though I am a vampire. “ Please calm down for me”, Mark looked at me with his gray eyes that had a little red in them.

    “ I have to be on guard right know Chad isn’t here, I have to look out for you. No one can touch you without us knowing, if you get hurt.. I wont forgive myself. You are now and fragile and the cure to are dieses you mist live”, I put my hand on his and he looked at me.

    “ You are strong and one of my fathers best fighters in the house, I trust you with my life. But right now I want you to be calm so nothing will happen to me, I’m scared right know and the speeding isn’t helping”, he laughed at me. He put his hand on my waist like he was half hugging me and pulled me closer to him, he slowed down just a little.

    “ Is that better for you”, I nodded then looked to see were we where.

    “ We are back on the highway, we will keep up until we get to a hotel. Chad will take care of himself, I just hope he doesn’t get hurt”, the night was still long but it felt like it had just began.

    It was silent for two hours straight, I turned on the radio to hear ‘Where ever you are’ by Lavaa. I loved her songs I would sing them in the shower and my yell at me to turn down the volume, which I didn’t really do.

    We passed two small towns with lots of hotels, but Mark didn’t stop. We had to get away from the shadow, we had to get away from humanity.

    “ There’s a town up ahead we will stop there for the night”, the song ended and another song came on and Mark sang to it.

    “ How far are we now”, he stopped singing his fifth song on the radio and looked at the dashboard.

    “ A good 92 miles, the hotel is right there”, he pointed at the darkness and nothing was there. I looked closer to see where it was but my eyes are still going throw the whole change, he just laughed at me. “ Just wait, it will be a few more minutes before you will see it”, he was right the hotel was were he pointed. We went inside and got a two bedroom, with a kitchen, and TV.

    The room was on the top floor, Mark had all my bags and we walked up to the room ( more like running then walking). I opened the door and turned the light switch on in the room, the room was like a four star room you see in the ‘ Better Home and Gardens’. Mark set my stuff down and locked the door and there was five locks on it too. I sat down then turned on the TV to find something good on, Mark went to the bathroom (without closing the door) and changed into cleaner cloths. I looked back ever know and then to look at him, his body was perfect in every way I could think of. His skin looked smooth and a little shiny, just seeing him half naked made me shiver. I looked in the mirror there was no scares on his chest then I got to his face, his face was breath taking then he looked at me. His gray eyes were fixed on mine, I looked away back to the TV. I was checking him out and who knows how long he was watching me watch him, all I know is that he saw me do it. I couldn’t tell if I could still blush or not, but if I was my whole face would be red and hot. I heard him turn the bathroom switch off and sat on the couch and changed the channel to the whether. I moved over to the bathroom, I bother locking the door hoping he wouldn’t open it just to scare me. I turned the shower on and got it nice and cold with a little hot in it.

    I couldn’t hear any movement for outside so I guess he was still out there if no then he was hunting. I put on my underwear and a bra and walked out to get something to wear in my bag, I glanced over at Mark ( which was now on one of the bed) sleeping. But who knows if he’s looking when I’m not, I just put on one of my shirts that fit me like a dress and got in the other bed.

    “ Do I just lay here or do I go to sleep like you are doing…., well protein to sleep” he was silent as if he didn’t hear me. I looked over at his bed and just saw him looking at the ceiling so I did the same. After looking at the ceiling for a few minutes I looked back over at Mark, he was on his side looking at me.

    “ Can I ask you some things.”

    “ Um…. I guess you can ask me a few”, I pushed my sheets back and sat up and looked at the bed he was in. He was know next to me on the bed, I had no idea what he was going to ask me, maybe some things about Chad?

    “ Do you think Chad is ok right now, we haven’t been split up until now”, he looked around the room never meeting my eyes which was fine with me.

    “ I don’t know, deep down inside I feel like his is just fine. I cant really read minds, if I did well you didn’t really need to say anything I could already tell you what I’m telling you right know. So no help there”, he sighed and laughed at the same time.

    “ That’s the problem you feel it, but you really don’t know if it true or not”, he moved under the bed sheets. Know I was nerves why is he getting so conferrable in my bed and not in his, why mine.

    “ Don’t worry to much about him, I still think he’s ok. Plus he’s old enough to take care of himself, he doesn’t need a mom always with me like a kid. And right know I say your more like a scared kid and not a adult.”

    “ Right know I’m both, I just want to open up a bit. I never really show my other side, you’re the second person to see me like this. Chad was the first one, he was there when you father changed me. He helped me step me by step, he looked out for me help me fight my way to the top and know I’m one of the top fighters in the house because of him”, I had butterflies in my stomach he was opening up to me. We stopped talking for a few minutes and all you could hear was the wind outside picking up, then rain started to come down hard on the window. I got out of bed and moved over to the window to see the rain, I didn’t remember it saying anything about a storm on the whether channel.

    “ I think it has something to do with us talking, it doesn’t start raining out of no where”, he laughed.

    “ Yes, some times it does rain with out people ever knowing. In 1764 in Paris, it started to rain because of your father was fighting with another vampire that threatened to take him down. Rumors went around and he stopped them by killing him off, it rained really hard that night”, he looked at me and I looked at him. We just looked at each other with out looking away, he was really opening up showing a different person. Mark looked away from my gaze and ran to the door and opened it in a flash, no one was there and he locked it back up and looked at me with his red eyes.

    “ What was it”, he stood in the middle of the room thinking about something inside and outside the hotel. He looked at me with his red eyes still in ready mode.

    “ I thought someone was outside calling me, but no one is out there. I don’t feel anything inside or out”, I just looked into his red eyes. I think we are about to leave again if it was raining we could go on and when ever he sees it stopping up ahead we could get to a hotel and just wait there.

    I grabbed my bag and went to the bathroom I left the door opened, I started to dump my cloths on the floor. I set my bag on the floor and went through my cloths, I one bag all the cloths I liked and looked good on me where in the smaller bag and all the rest was in the bigger bag. When I was done there was only a few shirts and paints I liked and all the rest I didn’t like on my body, I wanted the new me to have better cloths then the old me. I grabbed the bag that had the cloths I like and put it on the couch and the other was on the floor next to the bathroom. Mark just watched me the whole time not doing anything about it, finely he started to talk again.

    “ What were you doing in there it looked like a rats nest for a minute there until you started to put them in piles.”

    “ Just going through some of the cloths I didn’t or did want, I just know now I need to go shopping soon”, he laughed at my words.

    “ Why don’t you just make your own cloths just for you then later you can have your own business and so on and so forth”, I think that was a really good idea but I don’t have a sowing machine with me so that went down the drain.