• The blaring of the hard rock music was reduced to a dull thud through the door and walls of the room. The smoke that filled the room fogged the senses and the mind, but she didn’t care. Sheik didn’t care about anything right now. The boy sitting next to her on the bed tugged gently at her shirtsleeve, making a silent command for her to join him as he laid back. Sighing heavily as the ecstasy she had taken earlier swam through her, she mounted that night’s play toy.

    A shiver ran up her spine as she felt his groping hands take hold of her breasts through her almost see through mesh shirt, massaging them gently. She leaned forward to place a hot kiss onto his lips, tasting the strong, bitter presence of alcohol on his breath, before he invaded her mouth hungrily with his tongue. She moaned only slightly, her mind struggling to catch the feelings that were flowing through her. Desperately she pressed her hips forward against his, trying to heighten her feelings. She could feel his family’s prize press against her through her jeans, causing her to shiver violently as the throws of ecstasy swam through her. Vaguely, through her clouded senses, she heard a commotion coming from outside the door, a woman yelling for someone. Sheik ignored it and continued on with what she was doing. She felt her toy tugging at her shirt, trying to get it off. She raised her arms over her head to help. He began to pull the top off of her just as the door slammed wide open, causing both of them to jump in surprise. She felt her eyes widen as her mom came storming into the room.

    Her mom’s eyes narrowed in anger and disgust. “You w****,” she spat.

    “Mom! What the hell are you doing here?” Sheik asked, quickly climbing off the boy, fixing her shirt. The boy rolled off the bed and dashed from the room, not feeling the urge to stick around any longer to defend his hot date from the pissed off parent.

    “I should be asking you the same question you conniving b*tch! What the hell do you think you’re doing in a place like this? A drug house of all places! You know your father is already on thin ice at his job! If they find out that his daughter is a no good tramping druggie he could be fired! Get you’re a** home now!” her mom screeched.

    “F*** off! Don’t you dare start telling me what to do! You’re the one who put him in that position in the first place! You screwed one of his coworkers in his boss’s office and got caught! So don’t you dare go around calling me a whore you two bit piece of white trash!” Sheik shouted back, feeling briefly victorious as her mother’s face paled and her eyes narrowed.

    “How dare you!” Her mom quickly grabbed the lamp off the bedside table and swung it hard at her daughter’s head.

    Sheik made the attempt to dodge the blow, usually the pro at doing so, but the drugs had made her reflexes slow, so she took the hit across the right side of her face. She screamed in agony, clutching her eye as she felt the glass gouge her skin.

    “I’m not going to let you destroy this family! I’ll kill you before I let that happen!” her mom shouted, making a grab for Sheik’s hair. Sheik was ready this time. Ignoring the blinding pain in her eye, she dodged fast to the right and ran for the door, her mom’s enraged cries following her. She hurriedly pushed herself through the crowds of dancing people and rushed through the front door. She continued to run only vaguely aware of her surroundings. She knew where she was going though. She had run there many times before.

    She turned down a narrow alley and jumped a chain-linked fence, landing hard on the other side, causing pain to shoot up her leg. Again she ignored the pain completely, continuing her run, her breath becoming more ragged by the minute. She could feel the blood streaming down her face and run down underneath her shirt, and quickened her pace, knowing that she had to hurry up.

    Relief flooded through her as she came to the driveway of a large two-story house on Mincro Street and saw that the lights were still on. “Mizuki! Please open the door!” Sheik shouted, banging violently on the front door. The vision in her right eye began was beginning to blur a little as the gash near her eye continued to bleed profusely. “Mizuki!”

    “I’m coming!” Mizuki’s voice exclaimed as the front door swung open to show Sheik’s best friend standing there. “Hey! What’s…” Her voice trailed off as she took in Sheik’s bloody and ragged appearance. “Oh my god! Sheik! What the hell happened?”

    “Not…not right now. Just help me inside and stop the bleeding.” Sheik took a step forward and swooned dangerously on her feet, before fainting.