• One minute I was looking at my room’s ceiling and the next, everything went black. Like it always happens I was now seeing something else, in this case a street with only two people on it: me and another woman I’ve never seen before. She was wearing only black and the only color on her was her red, almost orange, hair. Although she looked intimidating, I couldn’t deny that she was beautiful. The kind of girl everyone wanted to be, you know?

    I had never seen this street either, but it had the same vintage look my street had, so I new it was probably in my neighborhood. Although I had never seen the woman I was seeing myself follow her. As quickly as it began, my “vision” ended. Again everything went black and I was back to reality, seeing my room.

    I had been seeing the future for about six months and I had no idea how it worked. All I knew was that everything that I saw happened. I saw my grade on a test before my teacher graded it. I saw my dog die two days before he actually did. So I knew I was going to follow that woman. Why and when? How could I passably know? I could only see the future.

    I was busy doing my homework (No, I couldn’t see the answers) when my mom called my down for dinner. It was like this everyday: my mom made dinner while I did my homework and my mom called me to eat when my dad got home. It was like this for two years. I went to the kitchen, got my food and sat at the table. My parents were already eating and, as always, arguing.

    “You don’t even know how to cook!” yelled my mom.

    “You don’t even have a job! How are you going to take care of her!” my dad said, having no way to deny what my mom stated.

    “I’ll get a job if I have to! You know she prefers me! Women have to stick together! Are you going to talk with her about girl things?” my mom yelled even louder. I hated how they always talked as if I wasn’t even there.

    I stood up, making sure to make a lot of noise with the chair. “Can’t you guys just stop fighting in fount of me?”

    I just walked out the front door and went for a walk, like I always did when I just couldn’t stay home. I went up the street and just kept walking until I didn’t recognize where I was.

    My parents always fought, trying to decide with who I was going to stay with after the divorce. They were only still living together because of me. I loved the both and all, but no one can be forced to choose between two people.

    I suddenly started to pay attention to where I was going and quickly realized that I was on the street of my vision. My visions never failed me, so of course that woman was there, with the same black dress and the same red hair.

    I was so angry with my parents that I stared to follow her, just to try and understand my vision. I followed her for about three blocks, until she turned into a dark ally. I knew that for some reason I was supposed to follow her until the end so I went into the ally and watched her go though a door and close it behind her. I put my ear to the door and listened.

    “Yeah, I’m telling you she’s outside” said a voice.

    “Really!? I’ve been needing another girl to talk to. All Heather wants to do is talk about hair” replied a female voice.

    “Hahah yeah, that sounds a bit like heather” laughed the first voice.

    “A bit?” said the second voice laughing with the other person. They both laughed until another voice spoke, ruining they’re fun.
    “If she really is here, Nate, let her in.”

    While the person spoke the door opened reveling a small kitchen and living room with three people: the woman with the red hair, a girl about my age and a boy a bit older.

    “Oh! Sorry!” said the woman with the red hair and, to my surprise, she transformed into a boy my age with short brown hair and green eyes.

    “What took you so long?” the girl asked while she closed the door behind me.” We’ve been waiting for you.”