• "Argh, where the hell are we?" Sykes groaned. His head was throbbing, and it didn't make it any better that he had found himself in a cell. The cell had a gray metal sheen, along with a few guards to go with it. Sykes looked around, oddly enough, Jones wasn't with him. He looked around to the other cells and didn't see him there. He then casted his glance towards one of the guards. The guard, like most of them in the field, wore a gas mask, as well as a trench coat, boots, and a standard Series 3 M13 Assault Rifle.
    "Hey, is there anyone else here besides me? Like another soldier?" he asked. The guard only grunted and in an almost annoyed voice he said "Only scum here is you."

    Sykes then sat down, tired. He suddenly heard foot steps. He looked up and saw a man with blue hair with the front part pointing upwards. His eyes' iris glowed yellow, and he was in some kind of armor placed in layers.
    "Who is he, and what he is doing in MY prison" he asked one of the guards.
    "Sir, we ambushed him and his team, although we only managed to recover two of them, the rest of them escaped, with the lives of our comrades sir"
    "Have you sent a team to follow them?"
    "No sir, but we are sending an attack squad to attack one of there checkpoints"
    "Who was on there squadron?"
    "Well there was only a few recruits, and a commander."
    "Well… Gunfire sir. But you have to understand it was tough to captu- AGH!"
    "Impudent fool, it would be him who would be in my grasp and not you."
    "Please….sir…you have to under…stand…we couldn't handle them….agh…"
    "Why didn't you alarm me? Impudence and nothing more"
    CRACK! Suddenly the man had thrown the guard to the side after snapping his neck. While he had thrown him, Sykes couldn't believe what he saw. The man had a large sword strapped to his back. The blade had looked as if it was 5' and the handle 2'.

    The man turned to take a glance at Sykes, who knew he couldn't fight him off, he was a recruit, not ready to take on someone like him.
    "Hello, enemy, my name is Azakora." he said to Sykes with a smile. Sykes didn't say a word.
    "No need to be rude, I'm here to collect some information." Azakora continued.
    "I don't know anything, I'm just a recruit." Sykes responded. It probably wasn't the best idea he had.
    "Hmm, well I can’t just let you pollute my cells. I guess I'm just going to have to take care of you myself"
    Suddenly, Azakora had reached for his large blade, and in a split second, he had drawn it out and split the bars of the cell in half.
    "Damn it." Sykes muttered, even though he knew that wouldn't help him now.

    Azakora moved in closer, his blade at his side, Sykes had to think fast. Sykes then figured out what to do. "DIE!" Azakora had shouted as he made a horizontal slash. Sykes quickly dove pass him and grabbed the assault rifle the fallen guard had. RATATATATATATA! The bullets flew in the air and hit Azakora's armor, but not leaving a scratch. Azakora turned around with a sick grin still on his face as he made a vertical slash to the ground. Sykes knew he had no choice, he quickly dove to his left and got up and ran down the hallways, looking for an exit. As he ran deeper and deeper he could hear Azakora's sick laughter echoing and following him. Sykes was moving faster, but it felt as if Azakora knew where he was, and that he was right next to him. This only made Sykes go faster, until he had finally found the exit.
    "Yes, now to warn Hunt-" THWACK!

    Sykes had been thrown 12' away by the back of Azakora's blade. As he landed he looked back and saw Azakora was ready to make the final move.
    "Well, that was certainly eventful, now to put you out of your misery you little mouse." Azakora said lightly as he lifted his sword up.
    "No, it can't end like this… not now" Sykes could feel himself cry. As the sword had slowly came down to him, it was the last tear he would ever shed.