• When I first met him, he had his nose stuck so high in the air I thought he would drown come the next rain. But god, he was beautiful to behold. Long, dark, flowing tresses. Bright, intelligent, blue eyes in a face that was rugged but yet held an innocence about it. There was something in those eyes that drew me to him despite his arrogant postures. I told myself not to notice him and that it would be a huge mistake to go up and introduce myself. But, I found my feet scurrying across the dance floor straight towards him. My girlfriends sat at our table with their mouths open to ask where I was heading in such a hurry. But they didn't get a chance to hear a reply. I was so mesmerized by this man that nothing else seemed to register upon my brain. I would have to give a round of apology drinks later for dissing my friends like that.
    "Hello, would you be so kind as to point me towards the pay phone here, if you've seen one?", I blurted out. Boy that was some pickup line eh?

    "Um, no I haven't, do you need a ride home or something?", the man replies in a voice smooth as silk.

    "Well, actually, I was going to call a cab to come and get me soon, this place is boring me to pieces."

    "Ah, well that is because you haven't found the right people to entertain you. Would you mind staying longer and giving me a chance to ease your boredom. A dance perhaps? " The man looks down at me with eagerness in his eyes. I can't believe he's looking at me that way.

    Men don't look at me that way. Maybe at the models in the magazines. But me? It's almost as though he's as mesmerized by me as I am by him.

    "Gasp!", is it me or did his eyes just change from bright blue to dark black and then back again? Whoa that was freakish.

    "Hello, are you still with me?" he impatiently asks, a frown crossing his face.

    "Um, yes, sorry I would love to dance with you." I stammer.

    We glide out onto the dance floor. His arm circles my waist and I sigh at the feeling of being in his arms for the dance. We waltz round the floor and it seems that I am lost in his eyes again. Is this man putting a spell on me? Oh my, I can't be this enamored after meeting this man only this once can I? I don't even know him. Our dance comes to a close and we leave the dance floor and find a secluded table to sit at and talk.

    "So, what is your name first of all?" he asks suddenly.

    "Um, my name is Tamara." Geez, what's with my umms all the time. You'd think I'd forgotten how to talk or something. "What's your name?"

    He smiles revealing perfectly white even teeth and replies, "My name is William."

    "Nice to meet you William."

    "Nice to meet you too Tamara. I was noticing you already from across the room. I had hoped to get a chance to meet you and have a dance. I guess I got lucky tonight," his smooth voice envelops me.

    In a trance like state I manage an "Uh huh, yeah me too."
    He laughs. And his laughter makes me feel all warm inside.

    "So, tell me more about yourself. What do you do? Are you single? Where do you live?" he asks me.

    "Well, I am a photographer, but I'm not making a lot of money with that right now, so my main job is actually a secretary for a medical office here in town." I am getting better at talking now.

    "That sounds nice. You like to take pictures? I would be delighted to see some of your work sometime. I'm actually looking for a print to frame and hang in my drab apartment. I have quite an interest in various pictures of nature and people in daily life. Would you have anything to offer, I promise I will be financially generous to a starving young artist." he says.

    My palms are sweating now. "Yeah, I think that I can handle that. I have several photographs that I have taken recently that I feel would fit your needs. But, you would have to come to my place to look at them and decide which you prefer if any."

    "I can come now if you like."

    "That would be fine with me." Oh man, what am I doing inviting this strange man to come to my home and I don't have a clue if he's an axe murderer or what. He could be freaking Mike Myers for all I know. But, he's so wonderful on the eyes and his voice is pleasant to my ears. I really want at least one night with this fabulous man.

    So, we leave the establishment and out in the parking lot I point out my old beater Volkswagon and he indicates a shiny Harley as his ride.

    "Follow me," I tell him getting into my car, not bothering to make sure if he's getting ready to follow me or not. I gotta act cool you know.

    So, we drive to my place which is on the South side of our sleepy little town. Bordon, Texas is not much of a town, so we got there in no time.
    We both go inside together and he sits down on the couch while I go to my bedroom and pull out my thick portfolio I have put together of some of my best works.

    "Here, look through these." I say as I walk into the room holding out the folder.

    He takes it from me and scans the pictures inside. After about half an hour, he shuts the folder and leans back into my sofa that he is sprawled on.
    "There are quite a few prints in here that I would like to have blown up and framed." he finally says to me.

    "Alright, I will get your number and when I get the copies made and sized to what you want, I will give you a call,"

    "Sounds good, why don't you come sit beside me and we will talk?" he asks me softly.

    So, I go sit next to him and our conversation begins to flow as though we were best friends. My previous nervousness has dissipatted enough to allow me to enjoy and indulge in the talk. Then he leans over and brushes my cheek with his hand. He leans in, I know he is going to kiss me, and I want this.
    Our lips meet and the kiss is so wonderful I forget myself and am floating on a cloud until I feel something sharp scraping my neck.
    He is no longer kissing me, but is sinking his teeth into my neck!
    How could I not realize that was what he was doing until he did it. Oh my god, this beautiful man is sucking my blood. He's a vampire and I'm going to die right here and now. But oh God, it feels so good. My body feels great. It doesn't hurt, it's actually kinda sensual.
    He raises his head with my blood on his lips and says, "I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. You smelled so good and your lips were divine. I just couldn't stop myself. But I don't regret it. You taste delicious."
    "You're a vampire?" I ask in a daze. I should be frightened but I am not. I am merely filled with curiosity and amazement.
    "I am sorry but I must go. I am so sorry, please forgive me for being such an oaf, will you, please. I should have used more self control, but you are so beautiful and tempting. I have to go now, but I might return if that is if you give your permission of course." he gives me a pleading look.
    "Umm, I am not sure how I feel about what has happened, but perhaps it is best if you leave for now. I will need some time with this, I am still in shock. I manage to reply to him.

    I close the door as he leaves and lean against it and sigh. The first really awesome man I meet and he turns out to be a vampire. I just have no luck with the men. I doubt that he will return but part of me is anxiously awaiting that reunion.

    heart heart heart heart

    I continue with my life, brushing my experience off as a dream. I really shouldn't have more than one drink when I go out. There is no such things as vampires and I need to keep my feet on the ground here. But the dream was so real it continued to play in my head. Finally, after several weeks, the memory began to fade with the drone of everyday life and I totally forgot about my strange visitor.

    Then one day, he showed up out of the blue. He strolled back in as though it had only been a couple of days instead of weeks. I was walking in the park after a long day at the office to relax and meditate on my week, like I normally do. I approached my favorite bench by a small, winding stream that trickled softly. He was sitting on the bench with his arm stretched over the back of the bench appearing quite content to watch the water as it rolled along. The night air was chilly but not really cold and there was a sweet scent of honeysuckle riding the breeze. I hesitated when I saw him, but continued to walk towards him.

    "Well, fancy meeting you here, I thought you were a bad dream from too much drinking. But apparently I wasn't dreaming you up." I said as I sat down on the other side of the bench.

    He didn't say anything for a long while and the silence was broken only by the trickle of the water. I closed my eyes and tried to relax despite the fact that there was a vampire sitting next to me who had already tasted my blood once. For some reason though, I wasn't afraid of him and was quite trusting around him at the moment. Finally, he spoke to me and asked how I had been since the last time he saw me and whether or not I had come to terms with what he was.

    I sighed loudly,"Well, I thought you were a dream honestly, so I put the whole thing out of my mind after a while. Honestly, I haven't thought that much about it, seeing as how it was just a stupid dream. But now that I see you weren't a dream, I am not quite sure how to feel or react." I paused for a moment, " So, what are you doing here anyways? I didn't think you would come back obviously."

    "I tried to stay away, but I wanted to see you again very much. I went away for a bit. Being out of town though didn't help me though. I don't know why, but I am drawn to you. I would like us to be friends at least and see where things lead. And, I promise from now on I won't be repeating my mistake from that night. I truly want to get to know you better, not just gulp down your blood."

    "Oh," was all that I could say in response at that moment. Another long pause drifted between us while I tried to gather my thoughts. He left us in our silence, listening to the water and smelling the air. I finally began to totally unwind from my day at work as well as the shock of seeing him sitting on this bench.

    "Well, what the hell!" I exclaim loudly. "It's not like I have anything else interesting going on in my life right now. I get very lonely in my apartment all alone and it would be nice to have someone that I can share things with and alleviate my boredom as well."

    He grinned widely and reached for my hand and placed it between hs own. His skin was very cold surrounding my warm hands. I smiled back at him and we gazed into each others eyes for a few moments. Then he raised my hand and kissed the back of it lightly, barely grazing it with his lips. I could feel my stomach muscles clench in response. When he released my hand I could finally breathe again.

    "Would you like me to walk you back to your apartment? Or would you prefer to go somewhere else where we can talk over a cup of coffee?"

    "Well, I don't think I want to be so isolated with you anymore at first until I get to know you. So, coffee it is at the little place around the corner from my apartment?" I tell him, then I smile and laugh, " Since when do vampires drink coffee? I thought you could only drink one thing. "

    "Well, I can make an illusion that I am consuming food items, but no, I don't. The coffee is more for you and it is a great way to sit and converse with one another, don't you think?

    I nod my head yes and we head off down the path again, leaving behind the tranquility of the stream and beautiful scenery behind for the coffee shop. As we walk, I ask him to tell me his story. "How did you become what you are? May I ask?"

    He says, " Well, it was a very long time ago. Back in a time when men my age were expected to perform their duties to their country and marry for social advancement. Arranged marriages were not uncommon during that time, and I was saddled with a most disparaging wench. I tried to get out of the marriage, but of course my father wouldn't allow it and was quite happy to sacrifice my sanity for her dowry. So, I decided to throw myself into fighting. We were at war and able bodied men were greatly coveted for the fight. So, I joined up, to get away from her. I was away for a great length of time and was quite happy with my life. Then I got a message during a lag in the fighting. It was from my father saying that I needed to return to take care of some "business" with my wife. He said I had neglected my duties as a husband and it had caused some problems. He requested that I return immediately before the "scandal" was leaked out. As much as i hated to return, I didn't want my reputation completely sullied or my estate ruined, so I took off towards home. As I neared home, a great storm came up and the rain was so heavy i couldn't see my hand in front of my face. It was as if a blue sheet had been draped over my face and I was completely soaked instantly. So, as soon as I stumbled onto a small cabin I gratefully slid out of the saddle and lead my faithful horse around to look for a shelter in which to place him. Luckily, the rain let up enough and I stored him in the small shed next to the cabin. After I had removed his tack and rubbed him down, I went to the cabin. I knocked but heard no reply. I shouted that I was stranded by the rain and needed a dry place to wait out the worst of it,. But, there came no reply. Wondering if the cabin was abandoned I slowly opened the door ready for anything that might be inside. The cabin was empty of company but was obviously lived in for it was well stocked and tidy with a small bed in one corner with a beautifully hand made quilt covering it. I crept further inside. Hello, I called out. But again, no answer. So I shrugged my shoulders and figured that whoever lived here wasn't home at the moment Hopefully they wouldn't mind my making myself at home. I went in and quickly built up a fire and searched the cabin for something to cook the food I was carrying with me in. I found a pan and soon had something cooking and resting my weary body on one of the enormous chairs. I got up finally after resting a bit and stirred my dinner. The smell of meat and potatoes that I had borrowed from the store of food I had found in my search for pans. I took off my wet tunic and britches and placed them across the back of a chair and pushed it closer to the fire. Now I was sitting in my undershirt and knickers which were wet too, but I had decided it would be better to stay partially decent just in case the person who lived here decided to come back. I finally finished cooking my meal and sat down to eat, enjoying the warmth in the little cabin and the coziness of it. I decided to roll out my bedroll and lay on it so as not to disturb the dweller's bed. I figured I had taken enough of their hospitality in their absence without messing up the beautiful quilt. Soon, with a full belly and a warm body, I drifted off into a deep slumber. Unknowingly to me, someone was there, watching me as I took advantage of their home. I slept hard until the next night and when I awoke, I was well rested and ready to eat something and be on my way. I packed up my bedroll after a cold meal of cheese and bread and placed a few coins in payment on the table. I picked up my stuff and hurried to the shed where I saddled and readied my horse for resuming our journey. As I swung into the saddle and started to leave, something stepped out in front of me with their hand raised and it startled my stallion. In the surprise like a rookie, I slid from my saddle landing on my rump. The figure snarled, leaving so soon hmmmm. I am not ready for you to abandon me just yet. I turned and looked closely at the creature before me. She was wrapped in a long flowing black cloak with Native designs embroidered all over it. It was a fine craftmanship just as the comforter on the bed was. She pulled the hood back revealing a beautifully pale white face with perfect ruby lips forming a pout. Her hair was almost white and it shone with a brightness that had nothing to do with the sun shining on it for we were in the dark. But her hair seemed to illuminate the room. Her eyes were a soft brown and I could see the loneliness and the fear as well as anger in the depths of those eyes. They seemed to speak to me." He fell silent in his storytelling as we reached the coffee shop. It had been a long, but interesting walk. And I couldn't wait for the barista to make our coffees so we could get in a corner for him to continue with his story. I was very much interested to hear the rest of it. The lady gave me my iced mocha with whipped cream and the works and handed him his small latte. We walked over to a small table with comfortable looking chairs next to a small fireplace. I gazed into the flames as I sipped my mocha and asked him to continue the story. "So, was she the one who turned you? Was she a vampire too?" I asked eagerly.

    He laughed and continued weaving his tale. " Well, now, you are trying to get ahead of me, but yes, she was a vampire, but not like you would expect a vampire to be. She was not a blood thirsty animal looking to drink my blood. She was very nice after I recovered from my shock and spoke to her. Now to continue where I left off. I had never seen a woman such as her and I was so enamored by her appearance that I couldn't think or speak at first. She walked over and offered me a hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself up. She said, I am sorry I shouldn't have startled you like that. But I was so afraid of you leaving, I panicked. Please forgive me for my rudeness. I just stared at her, and finally I told her it was quite alright. My journey and mission had just completely left my agenda for the moment. A little while longer wouldn't hurt anything I told myself. Besides, I had never met a woman who moved me the way she did. Sure, I had seen plenty of whores and serving wenches in my travels fighting in the army. But there was something different about her. So, I smiled and said, I should be the one to apologize, for it is your home I have invaded. Why did you not show yourself before now? She said she was afraid to show herself until I made to leave. She had been quite content to just stare at me while I went about making myself at home in her little abode. She touched my arm and said softly, please don't go, I haven't had anyone to ease my loneliness in so long. I grow weary of the nights that I spend in this cottage all alone. I said sure, I am not in any hurry really. I could stay a few more days but then I have pressing business that I have to attend to. I showed her my wedding band and said, my wife seems to be wishing to destroy all I have built in my absence and I must return to set things right. Does that bother you? She shook her head no and said she didn't care that all she wanted was a few days then I could be on my way. So, I unsaddled my horse once again and took off my bedroll and walked with her back inside the cabin.