• Julie stared at the shining, and glittering, clear blue water. The pool was a perfect reflection of the sky above. Clouds danced, and died in the hot, humid breeze of summer. She was going to dive into the pool, the only way to enter the water when at a party. Pushing away the fear that something might happen Julie's body scrunched down at the edge and perpared to leap.
    Suddenly all the doubts began swimming their way into Julies thoughts. What if I fall? What if I hit my head on the bottom? What if I never come up again? She shook her head as if trying to get water out of her ears. She stumbled backwards as her vision started to blacken. Luckly there was a lounge chair near by that Julie fell on.
    Julie layed down, and let the hot, bright sunlight melt all of her worries. Just as she was about to really relax, she heard a splash and a loud scream. She felt as though a cloud had moved over the sun, turning her blood to ice. However as she flashed her eyes open she say nothing out of the ordinary. People laughing, having a wonderful time, no one had heard the things she had heard. Nobody seemed in distress, but Julie couldn't stifle a horrible feeling of dread that lay deep in her heart. She knew something bad was going to happen though she had no clue to who, when or why.
    Julie found herself dozing off in the warmth of the bright day. Talking and cheering turned into slurr as the dark cloud of sleep crashed down.The memory long gone. Unfortunately, even the memory of having to put on sunscreen. Not very much time had passed when Julie felt some sort of icy goo being poured onto her stomach.
    "AH! What the hack!?" Julie flashed her eyes open to see her best friend Baily grinning down at her with a bottle of sunscreen.
    Baily poised the bottle again getting ready to squirt again.
    "Hey! What do you think your doing? I know I need sunscreen but not like that! I would you rather you wake me up first so you don't give me a heart attack!" Julie yelled trying to calm her racing heart.
    'Isn't it obvious I'm waking you up by putting it on you that I just happened to find in the freezer for a little bit" Baily said cheekly raising the sunscreen again.
    "Oh, no you don't!" Julie got up and walked up to Baily her arms out. "Now come over and give me a hug."
    "No thanks, I'll have to pass." Baily replied shaking her hands in front of her, walking backwards towards the pool.
    "Um... you might want to watch out. If you don't you might fall into the pool." Julie said as Baily kept on walking.
    "No I wouldn't. I'm not stupid, Julie" Bailys feet keep on moving backwards towards the pool. "I really don't know what your afraid of. I'm not even near the edge. Besides it's just wate-" Baily was cut of as her foot slipped off and in to the pool.
    Baily's head fell fowards as her head slamed in to the water. A look of suprise was knocked off her face as she became unconscious on the bottom of the pool.