• It was the year 2134, when a comet fell into the planet earth...making the delphinium straits.

    "hmmm? a comet made into...straits..?" someone said.

    "that is true sir, more of, an upstart forestland...than straits, but be that as it may, numerous sightings of those...what did you call them, sir?"

    "enough with the sir crap, my name, is blaze, and there were green blasts emanating off the, how you said, forestland's coast" blaze said "and what is your name, savjaa?"

    "my name isn't important...what is, is the fact of-"

    "well your surely gonna tell me your name!"

    "well, bahraa...you may call me, dess."

    "alright then, dess, we both know that, that...green light wasn't natural, it was like a blast, so take one of the androids and investigate it, i know what your thinking, 'isn't that a little risky?' well it is, that's why your bringing the d-series android, we like to call him, deossyss, well, leave by the hour, and take the necessary items you could need, and best of luck, you'll need it, savjaa

    "by the hour huh...well, I'll be on my way" dess said walking away.

    -approx. 48 minutes later-

    {so...this is that d-series robot, thing blaze told me about} dess thought.

    "...what...is...the mission" deossyss, actually said.

    "well...err we need to investigate...the straits" dess, scarcely said.

    -the two reached the island in a matter of moments-

    "the blast came from over here, deossyss, near the coast" dess said

    "I'll scan it thoroughly, hold on" the android said.

    "there's a life form, seems to be a teenager, if that, and, is making,..the blasts.!?" doessyss presumed.

    "GRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! atomic blitz!" he said.

    "look out, dess!" doessyss said.

    *crash! the blast blew deossyss' arm off, while protecting dess*

    "deossyss!! no!! who the hell are you!?" dess screamed, as the boy emerged from the smoke.

    "..." he stammered, "... my name, is azoless, now who might you be, and better yet, should i do the same to you, as i did that toy?" he said

    -azoless seemed about roughly 5ft. 6, and in his early teen years, green hair and his hands were red, most likely from the blast, or else then, just a regular boy-

    "keh! i'll tell you why, cause your under arrest, for destruction of peace" dess yelled.

    "bah! what peace fool! i be the only on on this plane! besides you, but your most likely to die in a matter of minutes!" azoless batted.

    "oh!? and why is that!" dess yelled back.

    "hehehh...radiation...reason i wont die, is as the comet infused me with it's power! and as for the other 2 that will fall...let's...oh your already dead!" azoless barked.

    "i just hope they don't reach the other 2...but i already reached this one, i cant be too careful now can i, fwahaha!!!

    until next time