• As I walked along the metallic halls of the large building carrying my messenger bag with the essentials that was all that was required, I saw all kinds of ranking soldiers along. There were recruits like me and there was also officers and commanders talking and planning. After the medical examination I had noticed the iris of my eyes had changed red, while I had noticed it at the bar I had thought it was just because of the hell experience. Other then that everything had came out okay, although the doctor had stared at me with an awkward look on his face as he looked at the records. It was odd but I figured it probably didn't matter if I was still going in the war. After the bag check up I was told to go to the training room, which to my surprise was larger then I would've thought. It had to have been about 300x600ft and it was filled with these chair like machines. We were each assigned a number, and that number was actually the number of which machine we would go to and the card would give us access to get inside and activate it.

    The machine had a large disk over where you would place your head, it was entirely black with a red stripe through the arms of the chair. After placing the card the machine would give off a hum and then the lights would flicker and glow. I had sat down on the chair and suddenly the next thing I knew there was a flash.

    I had then found myself along a transport ship.
    "Hey, I'm Ramone, what's your name?" a man asked dressed in military clothing.
    There was him and 3 others along the ship. All of them wearing the same uniform.
    "My name is Akkere, and all of you are?" I replied.
    The first one to cast a glance at me was the same man in the truck wearing the trench coat. His eyes blue and hair black as well as a stern look on his face.
    "Call me Gunfire" he spoke. The next was a large man whose Russian accent had spoken
    The last was a man who didn't even appear to be caring who was who casted a glance at the floor and said "Name is Hunter"

    "Okay men, let's get started now shall we?" a voice came, and what looked like the trainer came in the room.
    "We're going to form a defense on the city Almania, planet is Kalakos."
    "Isn't there a dock on that city?" Gunfire implied with a neutral voice
    "Yes, and a large income for the military." the captain replied
    "So we're doing a simple simulation to save a city that pulls fish out of water for a living" Hunter groaned.
    "It's more then just that, there is also a huge business there." the captain said while glaring at Hunter with an impatient look.
    "So they buy AND sell fish, makes sense to me" Hunter replied with a grin on his face.

    "Enough, so this is mainly an urban warfare mission where we have to seek and destroy all of the enemy faction's soldiers?" Gunfire said.
    "And rescue any civilians as well as practice in teamwork." the captain then casted a glance toward the view windows at the cockpit.
    "Okay troops, load up and move o-" BOOM! An explosion had interrupted him and the ship began shaking. The captain had hit the wall and was knocked unconscious. Gunfire grabbed one of the handles above the emergency doors and turned it.
    "Are you insane?!" Ramone shouted
    "We have no choice, the engines have been badly damaged and we're going down." Gunfire continued to stay calm and almost as if he had no emotion on the situation.
    "He has the right idea, everyone grab a parachute and a gun, we're taking a crash course" Hunter picked up an assault rifle and equipped himself with a parachute then looked at me and Ramone.
    "What are you waiting for? MOVE!"

    In a quick response I grabbed the parachute and assault rifle and lined myself up next to the emergency door. Ramone had did the same. Thwhacktickticktickthwack BOOM!. At that time I knew the left engine was completely blown out and we were spinning out of control
    "MOVE YOUR ASSES, NOW!" Hunter yelled, giving Gunfire the signal to open the door.
    "Remember to shift your weight down so that the ship doesn't hit you as it spins" Gunfire warned.
    "What about the captain? We can't just leave him here" Ramone said, trying to place the parachute on him.
    "He's a robot genius, he's only here to give the briefing, not here to help us, NOW MOVE!" Hunter then pulled Ramone out of the ship and Hunter then jumped back down with him followed by Raikov. Gunfire gave a gesture to jump out and I did the same.

    THUMP! I hit the dirt ground and looked up to see a missile heading straight towards the drop ship Gunfire was still in.
    "JUMP NOW!" I shouted, but it was too late, the missile made its hit.
    "Damn it." I muttered and looked over to find Hunter waving
    "Kid, get over here now!" Hunter then looked up to see a bomber moving in.
    "SCATTER!" was the only thing that could be heard before the bomb made its mark on a building just 500 feet away. The deafening sound scattered, and the powerful explosion shook the ground, suddenly debris began flying. THWACK! A wide stone had came to push me into a pile of debris, the force pushing against my ribs.
    "Can't…….breath" I struggled, as I hit the pile I slowly fell unconscious.
    This was war. But this wasn't even the worst of it.