• She grinned at me as she stumbled for the glass. She looked like she was trying to catch a bird with two dead hands. And there, I stared in disbelief as she reached for the glass, my heart beats deafening my surroundings. THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP is all I can hear, not even the pounding of the music or the roar of laughter’s surrounding me. Should I knock that glass out of her hand? Nah. She’s always been so despiteful to everyone who belongs to her SO-CALL “un-cool” gang. But I can’t simply let her die because she’s JUST nasty. Who cares, the little something David put in wouldn’t kill or at least I think it wouldn’t. But I think I was sure that the package he put in read rat poison. Oh wells, it’s probably some ecstasy or weed. I abandoned the thoughts for I was running late.

    There, a ghostly figure standing in the middle of the dance floor. She was surrounded by a lot of people and they didn’t seem to notice her presence at all. Suddenly, I took a step forward, feeling invited by the music and the dancing crowd. And at that moment, she glared at me murderously. Her eyes were fiery red but yet, so beautiful and so angelic. She took a step towards me, eyes still full of hatred. At first, she was murmuring something under her breath and then, it altered into a shout. No, a scream that got me confused and yet afraid. I wanted to ask her why is she in such temper but her words stiffened me as she spoke my name. “WHY DID YOU NOT STOP ME?! EMILY HAY, YOU WERE THERE.” Suddenly, the people there transformed into rats, they were crawling all over me. They were biting me until my skin turned purple then blue then black.
    I woke up with a jolt, hearing my own screams. I quickly checked to see if my skin was black. Luckily, it was only a nightmare but still, it got me wide awake. I wanted to go back to sleep but at the same time, I was afraid I would see her appearing in my dreams again. The dream got me pondering about last night, making me feel like I should have knocked the glass out of her hands. Oh my, it was only a nightmare, why am I making a big deal about it? I’m sure I would see her again on Friday, just like every week, so why are you fussing about it Emily Hay? Suddenly, my door creaked open; a figure was standing behind the door. I can only see half of the figure, the other half remained mysterious. I caught a glimpse at one of the visible eye. It was bright green, glowing. “Hey Emily Hay, I’m back.” It sounded like a girl, her voice was so virtuous but it got me rigid under my blanket. Squeak Squeak! The noise was like background music, repeating again and again. My mind was cluttered by my vision and the noise deafened my ears. NO! THIS CAN’T BE! WAKE UP EMILY HAY! WAKE UP!!! Ouch! My left arm started to sting, it felt like something sharp poked me. The figure then approached me. “Hey Emily. Enjoying?” I feel something moving rapidly under my blanket, my whole body was now stinging. My head became a blur and yet, I feel so cold and painful. I started to scream until I could scream no more. I felt dazed and then, the image of the white figure started flashing beneath my eyelids…

    I jerked out of bed and slumped on the floor, feeling petrified and yet trying to believe what really happened last night. Maybe it was rat poison she drank. But what has it got to do with me? I mean, she only grinned at me. Is it illegal to be grinned at?!! I soon gave up and walked to the bathroom with my wash kit. As I turned to the mirror, I shriek. My arms and legs were full of red spots. Is this me? Then, last nights image flashed through my head like a blur. I splashed water into my face and looked into the mirror again. The spots were gone and there she was, behind me, waving. I blinked in disbelief and then she was gone. I stood there motionlessly as chain of thoughts emerged. I really need to find David.

    Why can’t David just pick up the bloody phone! It’s the 5th million times the ringing went!! PICK U! I waited impatiently and then slammed the phone down and walked towards the living room. Then the phone rang. I sprinted excitingly towards the phone and picked it up, almost dropping it for I was hyperventilated.
    “Yes Bella?” I answered with disappointment.
    “Umm…you do remember that Angela’s party is tonight right? “
    Oh my god! I totally forgot about the PARTY! Well FINALLY, I get a chance to question the happening of the night before.
    “Well, it’s at the usual place we go every Friday. And I just want to tell you that I’ll be late so…and I have to go now! Tell Angela for me!!! Thanks and bye!”
    The line went dead and suddenly, a voice interrupted. “EMILY HAY. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN.”

    I arrived at the disco place and it seems like everyone from school was there. I think I kind of overdressed for everyone was wearing simple clothing and me, my mum’s red blouse and my favorite black checkered skirt. I stopped and hesitated as I thought about the voice at the end of the call I had with Bella. Should I just go home and pretend I was sick? I searched around for familiar faces until my eyes locked on a white figure. She was dancing emotionlessly. Suddenly, she met my gaze and grinned. Her eyes were coal black this time, she looked murderous.
    “Oh my! I really think you should stop talking crap. I mean, you think the disappearance of David has something to do with Fay? Fay’s dead! Gerald, she was poisoned!”
    I panicked as I looked at Wade who said it. David is missing? And then, a graceful laughter came from the white figure. She then returned to her dead expression, pointing her index finger at me. The white figure then suddenly appeared right in front of me. She was grinning again with wide eyes. I stood like a statue as her eyes stretched wider, her eyes seems like it was about to pop out.
    “Emily Hay. Join me…and David.”

    Oh lord! I am TWO HOURS LATE!!! I am actually missing all the fun while Emily Hay is getting as much attention as she can. I mean SEIOURSLY! She flirts with everything that moves!
    “HI EVERYONE!” I shouted as I pushed the door open with all my strength.
    Wow. That worked! I got almost everyone but three gorgeously dressed people staring at me. Those three were still dancing like I was just a gust of wind that entered. They looked almost as if they were descended from heaven. One of them then glared at me with unpredictably beautiful green eyes while one of them pointed her index finger at me. The last one looked so familiar. She was wearing a really stunning red blouse.