• It all started while me and Alex heart went to a abandoned cemetary, we thought it would be awesome to see some old cemetary stones. But what we didn't know at the time was that 20 years ago, all these people in this cemetary died from a terrible disease that cause them to mutate into a flesh eating monster.

    "Alex, we shouldn't be here." I said in a figety voice.
    " What? Are you a baby just because of all the ghosts stories that people say about this place?''
    "Well acually, yes I'm scared of this place for that particular reason."
    " Oh well. We are here and not leaving untill I say so." Alex said.
    " Excuse me? If you are gonna say stuff like that then I'm leaving." I started to walk away when Alex screamed out of nowhere.
    "AHHHHH!" He started to run torwards me and start shaking me by the shoulders while saying,
    " I'm sorry, okay? I am truly sorry for not believing you, but we got to get the hell out of here, NOW!"
    " Why, what is going on?'' I asked, all scared.
    " There coming! No time to explain," He said, " come on.'' He put me on his shoulders and started to run on the sidewalk of the cemetary. While we were running our butts off, I saw dead people coming out of their graves.
    " You better hurry up, Alex. Their gaining on us." I started to cry of fear as the began to get closer, and closer, and closer untill they got Alex's waist.
    " Ahhh." As we both fell, the dead started feasting on Alex and me. twisted
    " AHHH, uhh, i love you Alex!" I screamed as I disintergrated by flesh eating monsters.
    " I-I lo-ve y-ou t-oo. Uhh." Alex laid down on the ground, dead. I was slowly fading away well. As we were both getting eaten alive, I holded his hand untill I finally died. We should've never came here. Those were my last words.

    The End cry