• Chapter 1- I meet the grim reaper

    I looked at my hands. Blood… I thought. No, it’s ketchup said another voice sarcastically in my head. Why? Oh, don’t give me that. You know you don’t care.He said. You’re just happy that you have an excuse. no! that’s not what I want! I screamed within my head. I gripped my hair and fell to the floor, landing in a pool of blood. I’m going to be sick! Hey! If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead!at that I closed off my mind. I wasn’t going to go back in there. I looked around, hoping to regain some of his memories. I was in what looked like an abandoned warehouse. There were 3 dead bodies lying about a foot away. I stood, and reluctantly looked at their face, hoping it wasn’t anyone I knew. I looked at the closest one’s face. It was a boy around 17. I closed my eyes and let the memories slowly flood into my mind. Ok, so maybe this was self-defense, but that gives you no right to kill them! I thought to myself, quickly retreating from my mind once more.