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    We all walked outside and the first thing that hit me was the fresh air and the heat. It was mid-summer and the heat just got to me.
    I heard something in the bushes. A little dog jumped out of the bush. It was just Cake the Pomeranian. I love her so much. She is just so cute and she can talk! That is so cute. I ran after her but something caught my attention. I heard a faint murmuring in the distance, too far away to be the crew. I knew something was up.
    See we also have enemies; there are 3 different enemies we have. First, there are our worst enemies the dark vampires.
    Hard to believe but, I’m supposed to be one of them. My family is them and I forget but I fought them to become an Ice Angel. My mother tried to kill me when I refused to be one of them. My father was too mad to even talk to me. So I left forever in the kingdom. Kep is the dark prince but left with me because he hated his father and wanted to be good. Columbus is Kep’s big brother and was very evil until he found out how Kep left and went looking for him.
    Columbus found him and me cold and alone. He tried to tell us to come back, but ended up with us and never went back.
    Nassie was an orphan when we found her. Her family had been killed. She and her big brother, Knight, only knew one thing about their past, is that their great-great-grandfather was the legend Ice warrior. We found Breezy when we were taken to the lab.
    Second, our other enemies are, what they call themselves, the gunman. They work for the science freaks. They do all the dirty work for them so they look like they did nothing at all. It’s like the gunman are mean, nasty, huge, ugly, muscular, guards for the science freaks.
    Also, our third enemies are the science freaks. They created us, but they are evil and nasty. We were captured and used as experiments. As thus the name Ice Angels.
    The murmuring wasn’t faint any more. It was getting closer and suddenly I hear one thing. SCREAMING! I rush back to the crew and the dark vampires and gunman have us ambushed from left and right. I speed up and jump-kick a gunman. His face flew down with a hard “THUMP!”
    I could see Nassie in the distance hiding from them all. The rest were fighting them off. One vampire got away and made a bee line right for Nassie. Knight took action, and fast. He sprinted toward Nassie and blocked her. Then while running full speed ahead. The vampires couldn’t slow down. Knight bashed him in the head with his head. The vampire went down screaming and got back up. Blood flooded the half of his face. He took a swift swipe at Knight and hit him right crossed the cheek. Blood came down his cheek and mouth. He lunged at the vampire causing the vampires to back away.
    He grabbed the vampire and swung him around a few times. Finally, when he let go the vampire screamed and retreated. Knight spit so blood out as Nassie lay crying. He rushed to her side.
    Breezy made a bee line for the sky. She spread her wings fast and high. I could she her in the sky holding Columbus. Columbus looked like he was unconscious. It looked like he was hit so hard there was a huge gash in his forehead and ribs.
    Kep was still fighting the last one. I had taken out most and others retreated back. Then I realized who he was fighting, Caleb.
    Caleb is my older brother that is a dark vampire. He vowed revenge when I killed his soon to be wife, Marcie, my best friend, and when I left the kingdom forever.
    He fought hard but, I fought back even harder. I stiff uppercut left him to hang for another. I bash his ribs with my leg and he lowered about 15 feet before regaining enough strength. He scratched my right wing. Looking behind me I could see blood trickle from my wing. The burning was horrible. I had to let myself fall about 20 feet.
    “What a little baby,” I heard Caleb murmur.
    I flew to the sky and bashed my fist against his nose and felt it break.
    “Maxi come help NOW!!” I heard Kep yell.
    I saw two vampires were on him and he couldn’t escape. I dive bombed toward him. One vampire looked up and saw me, he moved toward me until I smashed my feet on the top of his head. He squealed and dropped to the ground, holding his head.
    I came closer to Kep and then the vampire on him punched me across the face and I suddenly blacked out.


    I woke up on my bed with 5 faces surrounding me. I jumped up as the faces looked completely different than the crew. It was all a blur, I couldn’t remember anything. The fight, the punch, my eyes adjusted and I saw Kep by my side and the rest sneaking out of the room
    “Are you okay”
    “I don’t know, I can’t remember fill me in”
    “Well, we were fighting the vampires, Knight, Nassie, Breezy, and Columbus had gone back to the house. It was just me and you, I was getting mauled by two of them, but you came and beat one up. You were coming closer to get the other, but it punched you in the face and then I saw you start to fall back. Your eyes were closed and you looked half dead. I got scared that you were dead. So I quickly bumbled the vampire and rushed to you. You just were about to hit the ground but I luckily caught you just in time.” Kep explained.
    “Oh my gosh,” I rubbed my face.
    Kep was hiding something but wasn’t telling me. I wanted to know. I’m going to get Knight to talk to him, they are like best friends. That’s the plan.
    Knight walked into Kep’s room.
    “Hey Kep, I got a question.”
    “Ok I can feel something about you and something is going on in your mind that you don’t want to tell Maxi”
    Oh I didn’t tell you Knight reads minds
    “Knight stop reading my mind”
    “Tell me”
    “Fine, what a second.”
    “Well, are you going to tell me?”
    “Yea, well when she was knocked out I was crying like crazy. I was crying because I love her more than a sister. I want her by my side in every fight and if she died I would want to die also. And…”
    “And what!” Knight yelled.
    “And… I laid her down and thinking this was the last time I’d see her I-I kissed her.”
    “Where do you think genius?”
    “You can’t tell or I will kick your butt so hard your grandchildren will feel it.”
    Kep walked out of the room as I sat in my room with my mouth wide open. Kep actually likes me! I thought Oh my Gosh! But the question is do I love him?
    I walked out of my room to the kitchen. Sam was sitting at the kitchen table and I sat down beside him.
    “Maxi, I have something to say,” he went on, “I know we are supposed to be---hidden”
    I didn’t like the sound of this at all!
    “But I think you guys should start to go to---school.”
    “I know you”
    “I don’t want to and neither does anyone else.”
    “I’d like to go to school,” Nassie said.
    “Jeez, fine we can go,” I said giving Sam a nasty face; I could tell he was scared about telling me.