• Prologue

    “H-help me….”

    I looked up, very slowly. Does this mean I’m dreaming? And that voice….so melancholy, so….familiar.

    “P-please…I-I’m so cold….”

    This was most definitely a dream. I ran forward, though I was so slow, a slug would have become a racecar compared to me. As I moved, a peculiar spotlight hovered on me, lighting up a few inches of visibility. I understood that this light was shined on living creatures only. I pressed on.

    “P-please….I am so…lonely…and scared….”

    Suddenly, ahead of me was another light. I tried my hardest to run faster than an inch an hour, but my dream prevented me from doing even that much. I grew impatient and irate; I was so close to my goal!

    “HELP ME!!!”

    Finally I reached the edge of the light. In the middle was a girl, in a chair, crying and thrashing. Who was she? I stepped a little closer, but at that second, a black hole opened up beneath me and swallowed me, the girl growing ever farther. Oh, so close that time……

    Chapter One: Kiselle Graye
    “Ouch!” I cried, as I crash landed on the floor. Groggily I picked myself up and flopped back onto my bed. It was only 6:45; I could stay here for 15 more minutes. Yawning, my mind averted to the dream that had occurred for another night in a row. That girl was so familiar, her tiny shoulders, black hair….
    “KISELLE!! IT’S 6:45! IF YOU AREN’T DOWN HERE DRESSED AND READY, I SWEAR YOU’LL BE REGRETTING IT!!” my sixteen-year-old half-sister Aryana Graye yelled. She and I are two years apart, and live alone in our inheritance of a two story house. My dad and my stepmom, Horace and Selena Graye, disappeared two years ago. Daddy was found in a secluded creek, stabbed to death, but my mother was never found and was presumed to be dead after only six months of searching. Three months later, the will was found, and we its sole heirs. Ary and I have lived here since with little worry, because our parents’ business was ours now, and it pretty much worked for itself. After paying the workers, we had a sizable check of thirteen thousand or so diving right into our pockets. We spent it wisely, and soon even our house was self efficient. Though we come from the same dad, we barely are anything alike. She is tall, blonde, and girly to the last degree. I, on the other hand, am short, have black hair with scarlet streaks, (which, for a reason to be revealed later, is totally natural.) and am the tomboyish Goth one out of the two of us. She has sapphire eyes, while mine are ruby. She is surprisingly tan; I am very, very, VERY, pale. She’s uptight, and not so popular, and I am, you guessed it, the complete opposite, easygoing, and very social. Ever since our parents disappeared, she’s been more of a mom than an older sister.
    “KISELLE FELICITY GRAYE!! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO GET DOWN HERE, NOW!!!!!!!!” See what I mean? Well, I decided to do what I usually do: piss her off and disobey until the last second. “IF YOU’RE EVEN A SECOND LATE, ALLEN SAGE IS GOING TO FIND OUT WHO EXACTLY IS HIS MYSTERY HOMEWORK CORRECTOR!! OH AND SHE JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS BIGGEST SECRET ADMIRERER!” Oh whoa. That’s a new one.”HURRY UP! NYX IS HERE ALREADY!!” Ah, what the heck, I thought to myself. Couldn’t hurt to be early for once. I threw back the covers and walked to my closet. I chose my favorite black and red outfit, tussled my hair into a bun, weaving a ribbon through. Throwing my eyeliner into my backpack along with my books, I slung my bag onto my shoulder and pulled my black and red converse shoes on and slid down the banister in front of my best friend Phoenyx Night, with over two minutes to spare.
    “New record!” she cheered, her brown and blue hair bouncing as she did. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Nyx was a little taller, darker, and prettier than me, though she always vehemently disagreed. She had cerulean eyes, her sense of style was the same as mine, and her randomness was one of the reasons everyone liked her. She was just a few months older than me, but she claimed me as her mother, since I was always looking after her.
    “Is Erik coming?” I asked. Erik Soto was Nyx’s boyfriend of two months. He had a brown afro, and his sense of style was notorious for being ridiculously plain compared to the bright, vibrant styles of his girlfriend. Nyx tossed her hair over her shoulder.
    “Well, of COURSE!” she said, as if though his not coming was impossible. ”I wouldn’t be able to go without him.”
    “Speaking of which,” Ary said, striding in. “Where are Cole and Erik?” As a response I checked my watch.
    “Countdown! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” As I finished, the doorbell rang, shrill and demanding. I beamed. “Got ‘em again.” Nyx ran to the door and threw it open.
    “ERIK!!” she squealed. I sighed and averted my eyes, for the inevitable kiss was coming. Sure, Nyx and Erik were cute, but sometimes they needed to cool it in front of the single people. I glanced at them to discern whether or not they were through making out, but they were pressed so closely together it was difficult to detect one from the other. Sighing again, this time loudly, I impatiently checked my watch. When that didn’t work, I walked up to them, where Erik could see me and choked myself. Erik finally broke the kiss and grinned at me.
    “Sorry.” he laughed.”Did we get carried away again?” I rolled my eyes.
    “Not really. That is, if getting carried away doesn’t mean almost knocking each other up right in front of the doorway anymore.” I replied sarcastically. He grinned at me, while Nyx crossed her arms.
    “Hey!! That’s not nice!!” she complained. I walked up to her and ruffled hair, making her complain.