• Lana looked over at me with cold eyes. "Why won't you speak to me? Don't you know I am your superior?!" she snapped, the fury rising up in her. I looked away at my twin sister. For once, I was standing up to her and fighting against being the low life that everyone knew me as. My father, because Lana was the Head of all demon society now, adored her and cradled in her arms while I sat in the back of the room starving for food and attention. I was also standing up against the pychological torture she put on me. I remember when we were just 7, she would lock me in that dark closet for a day, whispering through the cracks, " No one loves you, or even knows you exist. But don't worry, I'll take care of you." I would huddle next to the doorknob, jiggling it, hoping someone would come and help me.
    "Nii-san. Why do you hate me so...." I whispered. She bared her teeth as I kept on speaking." You killed me on the inside, and all that's left is a few broken peices of memories. We used to be so close untill you turned into the Head," I paused for a moment. Lana now had her eyes wide open and stared at me in shock. Her hands shook as they closed into fists. "Shut up!" she shreiked. I kept talking." You let all of this power get to your head. I tried so hard to pretend you were going to make it through, but really, you were gone off before I could be there to catch you."
    "Shut up!" she screamed, her fists now covering her ears. "SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!!" My eyes strted to cloud up from tears. "We are twins Lana, and you can't hide that! No matter what, whatever happens to me, will be reflected on you, whether you like it or not! My pain will always come arou-" I was cut off by a pair of hands holding a knife cutting me across the chest. The light around me became brighter as the scent of flesh blood drugged me. I refused to drink my own blood... let alone kill myself for it. My legs wobbled and I fell on the floor. My eyes averted upwards to see Lana out of her state of misery and into the state of being a murderer. " I'd kill you now, but your'e right. We are twins. And as your twin," she paused. "And as the Head of demons, I command that we both die on the same date.... June of showa 23. By gunshot." Then, she walked away, pacing herself so she could listen to my greiving longer. I touched my neck. She got that too.
    "You... chi.....ro-zu.." I groaned as I closed my eyes. I knew I wasn't going to die, because I could hear running footsteps around the corner. The only thing that had died on me, was my friendship with Lana.