• 1. Misjudged

    Freaky Zafela danced around the campfire along with the other kids. We were having such a great party until a Handsome, young, pale guy asked my cousin Zafela for a dance. How I felt envy for her. But stranger than that is the guy isn't from around here. We never even saw him, which makes me more envious of her.
    - Luna Maximilius

    "Hey Fang girl! I thought vampires only come out at night; unless, you want to be cooked under the sun." My childhood nemesis Mitch Treador barked.
    It's finally October, my favorite month besides my birthday which fell on a Halloween, it's really not that special anyway since I don't care about it.
    I trudged off the school lawn, I could feel a lot of students nearby started staring at me like I'm a about to bite their heads off if they don't stare, and I'm enjoying it.
    "What's with the morning cracks Alaskan dog." I countered.
    It's still early for class if I just walk in, besides I better teach the Alaskan husky how to shut its own mouth. Mitch Treador dresses like an Alaskan Eskimo. Why not make fun of it, he makes fun of mine.
    Mitch Treador's Dad is Land owner of half the town, and so most of the teachers and students are afraid of him since they could get kick out anytime, but Mitch is a rotten b*****d. And nobody wants to take my side, so in the end I don't have any friends. After all, Alaskan husky was the one who created a stupid rumor that I was a vampire since he always sees me take the garlic off my food whenever I order cafeteria food. Honestly I'm deadly allergic to garlic that's why I always bring my Annihilator with me. And I hate vampires! One time my Mom and Dad bought me a Twilight book about a vampire love story for my 13th birthday, but I haven't read it nor open it, I just read the back cover summary. Until now its hidden inside my drawer, I'm thinking of selling it on ebay soon, but that'll hurt my parents.
    And the bell finally rang, it felt like eternity to wait for me.
    "Very funny bloodsucker." Mitch barked. Was all he said for now.

    I walked to my locker at a snail's pace since I don't need to rush, after all I'm always late for class. I opened my boring locker, the only thrilling inside is my favorite guitar safely inside, for now. I'm sure Alaskan husky will destroy my locker, but hopefully leave my guitar.
    While I'm thinking, a pink post-it note suddenly fell. I'm sure it's not from any of my admirers since I don't have any, it's easy to tell nobody wants a vampire.
    Goodluck. The note says. How wierd, why does someone just suddenly put a note in my locker, everybody avoids me. Maybe its for real, or maybe it was just a sticker that fell from somebody else's notebook and someone found it but just put inside my locker, or maybe the person got the wrong locker.
    And when I checked my watch I'm way too late for class. I'm still confused though, maybe just in case, I shouldn't judge that person about love or crush.
    "Hey excuse me!" A freshman student passing my way, luckily He just passed me, I thought he was just asking or mistaken for the note.
    So much for judgement.