• Chapter 7: kyo’s recovery and kin’s new power

    It was now daylight and the sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, beams of milky sun light filled the room in which everyone had been sleeping. Well every one but kin, he was awake and looking quietly out the window and for a moment he had forgotten where he was, but as he slowly started to wake up a little more he soon remembered he was in the doctors office at a place called Tsunami village and that kyo had fallen ill and that was the reason they were there. He leaned toward kyo who was lying in the bed next to him and felt her head; her fever had gone down drastically “this is good.” He thought to himself “she’s getting better quickly.” He then stood up and headed toward the door unaware that kyo had woken up and was watching him from under the covers. Kin made his way outside to the back of the doctor’s office, there was a small field that led up to the woods and at the tree line, the place that separated the field from the rest of the forest kin stopped he took out his new sword and slowly began to wave it around as if to be getting a feel for the heaviness of the crystal blade. He swung the sword with the greatest of ease and seemed to know exactly what is was he was doing, kin was very talented when it came to swords and things like that, his father had taught him every thing he knew about swords and how to use them. Kin could feel his strength pulsing through both him and the sword as he held the crystal blade high above his head “razor wind!!!” he called out as a gust wind began to swirl around his blade, he aimed the blast of air towards a near by tree and unfortunately as luck would have it he missed and struck the ground directly behind it. “Damn!” he thought “if I want to defeat master radion I have to keep practicing, otherwise im going to get killed!” “I knew there was something different about you.” Said a weak voice from behind him, kin looked back and there he saw kyo standing just a few feet away wrapped in a light blanket “what are you doing out here?” he asked “shouldn’t you be inside resting?” “I saw you walking out side” kyo answered “I wanted see what you were up to” she told him “ I also wanted to thank you for staying by my side, no ones ever done anything like that for me before.” “o-oh y-you’re welcome” kin said a bit nervously and blushing “you took care of me when I was sick so I was just returning the favor.” He told her “now how did you know there was something different about me when I hadn’t told you anything?” he asked kyo who was now standing in front of him “because when we first met, you were much different then the other nekos I used to know” she told him “you were brave, and your strong.” She said now holding both of his hands “you think im brave?” he asked “and strong?” “Yes” she answered “I do.” “Thanks kyo” he said “no ones ever made feel this good about myself except you” he told her as he began to lean forward. Their lips were nearly about to touch when they were suddenly interrupted by a loud “GOOD MORNING!!!!!” from akako as she came running toward them “what are you guys doing out here by your selves?” she asked them “we were just talking!” kin answered quickly “yeah” said kyo “just talking” “oh” said akako “anyways Travis told me to come get you guys!” she said “its breakfast time!” “Oh ok!” said kin and kyo in unison “we’re coming!” “So did you two have a nice talk?” asked Travis as kyo and kin came into the breakfast area “uhhh…yeah you could say we did.” Answered kin smartly “now don’t get cocky with me mister” said Travis “I was only asking how it went that’s all.” “What are you my mother?” kin asked “I told you it went fine.” Kin then took a seat at the table next to kyo “it seems that the old lady was nice enough to make us break fast this morning.” Said Travis “wow” said kin “that was really nice of her.” “So when do we plan on leaving?” asked akako “when ever the old lady says kyo can leave.” Said kin “when we’re done eating we’ll go ask her.” When they all had finished their breakfast they paid a visit to the old doctor who was working in the office part of the building, she had been singing off prescriptions when they got there. “Could you tell us when kyo will be well enough to continue our journey?” kin asked the old doctor “well” said the doctor “let me see” she checked kyo from head to toe and checked her fever “I would say by this after noon she should be ready to go!” the doctor told them with a smile “thank you” said kin “that’s good to know” noon time came fast and kin and the others had packed their things and were ready to leave, they bid the old lady good bye and thanked her for what she had done, kin only wished that he could pay her but he had no money.” “Its all right” she told him “I have no need to be paid, I like what I do and that’s all that matters to me.” She told them “oh alright” said kin “and thank you again” he said as they began to walk down the path, once again their adventure began and soon they would reach the azure forest, it would be only a matter of time.