• Falling Head over heels for Him wasn't that hard,
    But, getting the truth out hurted me the most. Unsure of the Reaction, So many thoughts, So many visions ran thourgh My head. Until one day that beautiful smile stole my heart and the truth came out. Scared and worried about what He'd say I hide my face under my Jacket. Then He said something that almost broken me into pecies."I'm sorry I'm going out with someone. It felt like I walked into a brick wall. I looked away and began to cry then put my head against my knees and more tears trikled down. He tried to pulled me up but, I won't let him. Not even now Could his Laugh or even just his voice let me put my gard down not for a second.I moved to the open seat across from us and leaned up against the window. and thought to myself the mistake I just made.He followed me and pulled me toward him I just hugged him and then a few minutes before his stop he whispered" I know how you feel right now, Rejected, hurt, feeling like you've ,made the wost mistake everr." It's like he could read me like an open book. I was amazed yet still crying. I let go and he gave me a hu and left. I went home and Layed in my bed and cried....

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