• Prologue

    The fire crackled. Elsa was knitting a blanket. She hummed a tune to herself. “Mmm…” The tune reminded her of her husband, Pierre, who had died from cancer. The tune comforted her and made her feel peaceful, happy and mysterious.

    A thunderstorm raged on outside and the lightning flashed.

    “Mommy?” a little girl walked into the room. She was blond and 6 years old. She clung to an orange stuffed tiger. The little French girl walked up to her mother.

    Elsa stopped knitting and dragged the little girl up in her arms. She brushed away her long blond hair that was in a bun and hanging loose, out of her eyes. “Alikah, what’s wrong?”

    Alikah clung to her even harder. “The thunder, the lightning, it’s… it’s scary.” Just then the thunder crackled and Alikah jumped. “Plus, I saw shadows of people like in that famous French book.”

    “You’re imagining things.”

    Alikah shook her head. I don’t think I’m imagining things. I want to believe in that story my mom told me, where Princess Elodie tricked the barbarians.

    Elsa put Alikah in her chair. “I forgot to put the goat in the barn. Stay here.” Elsa walked outside, leaving Alikah still clinging to her tiger.

    The rain stung her face, lightning tricked her eyes and the thunder roared in her ears. It was a bad storm for France. Stupid goat. Why do you have to be outside? Well, I shouldn’t really blame the goat. I’m the one who left him outside, but still!

    Elsa saw something. Shadows? Why would there be… Elsa started to run. She remembered that Alikah was in the house. Elsa felt guilty. Alikah was right. Something’s out there. Elsa couldn’t see. She ran around aimlessly. I bet I look drunk. Elsa smirked. That’s the understatement of the year!

    Something went over Elsa’s mouth. She screamed. Why do I bother to scream? Seriously, no one’s going to hear me! Elsa kept on screaming though. She felt fear rip through her. Who’s holding me? What’s going on? Shadows formed around her. They had dark hair and skin… they’re people! How disgusting! They’re creeps! What are they doing to me?! They are TOTALLY not from France! Are they aliens?! Elsa screamed again, but this time she screamed words. “WHO ARE YOU?! LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU CREEP!”

    No one could hear what she was screaming. They tied Elsa up.

    Elsa saw a girl tied up in ropes. The girl was Alikah.


    Alikah saw a big Mexican man who was dressed nice and a little Mexican boy that was 4 years older than her. He was also dressed nice and he kept staring at her. “Hi, I’m Alikah.”

    “I’m Mathias.” The Mexican boy said.

    “Mathias!” the big Mexican man growled, “You will NOT associate with the French slaves! You understand?!”

    Mathias nodded, but he couldn’t stop staring at the pretty blond.


    A pretty girl named Malorie sat down next to Alikah. A mischievous grin covered her face. “He likes you.”

    “What?” Alikah asked.

    Malorie pointed at Mathias.

    Mathias blushed and looked away.

    “See, he likes you.” Malorie laughed.