• The Fallen Angel
    Once upon a time there was girl named Harui all alone on the skating ring practicing for her tournament when all a sudden she fell the people with her ran to her side and she had already lost a lot of blood. When they finally made it to the hospital she had passed away everyone was sad especially her mom and dad. Finally when she woke up she didn’t know where she was and she was so scared she started to cry but when she felt a gentle hand touch here face she looked up and an angel stood in front of her eyes she wiped her tears and slowly said “who are you?” he said ”I’m the angel called Tamaki here to help you become the best angel ever’’ he saw tears come to her eyes and he said “I’m sorry did I say something wrong I didn’t mean to make you cry” she said “oh no its not your fault its just that when you said I’m here to train you to become the best angel ever it means I’m dead and I cant see my mom and dad anymore and it makes me really sad” he said “don’t worry you’re here to train to protect your mom and dad trust me the lord always knows what to do you just have to believe in him I know how you feel I died young to I didn’t want to at first but now I understand why I had to die I needed to protect my mom and dad and now that I’m a guardian angle my family is happy because before I left the to come up here and train you I got to see them one more time and they were so happy to see me again and their even more happy knowing I’m their guardian angel” she finally got the strength to stand up when she got to her feet she felt really dizzy and she started to fall but then Tamaki caught her in time when she looked in to his eyes all she saw was loneliness, and sorrow he said “what is there something on my face?” she said “oh um no I’m sorry its just your eyes look so sad are you sure your happy?” he said blushing “Yeah thanks for worrying about me though” she thought to herself I don’t think he’s ok but maybe I should wait and let him trust me more. He finally said some thing again “so are you ready to start training to become the best” she said with a smile “yes” he said “its good to see you smile its so cute” she started blushing and then smiled really big. After they started training she kept on falling but she always got back up finally she fell again and she started crying Tamaki said “what’s wrong Harui?” Harui fell to her knees and said “I cant do it but I don’t want to give up I want to be able to see my mom and dad again but I’m never going to be good enough I’m always messing up I’m no good” she kept on crying finally Tamaki said “what are you talking about your fine the way you are and your just the way the lord made you and that’s the way you will stay and I like you that way you are” tears came to his eyes Harui said “what’s wrong” he said “I just wish you would remember me why did you have to forget was I that bad of a friend did I do something wrong when we were young I wish I knew” then Harui said “I’m sorry but I really don’t know what your talking about I’m really sorry” he said “ok I will tell you and maybe you will remember when we were young we met out in the woods you were lost and I helped you find you mom after that we became very close but I had to move so I told you I would come back for you and that I loved you very much and I wish we didn’t have to meet like this I wish we could still be alive I want to be like we were I want to be close to you again I missed you so much I wanted you back so bad I told you before I left to forget about me so that you would be happier and when I got in the car and drove off I saw you fall to your knees and cry I thought that you would hate me” she stopped him and he saw tears in her eyes she said “I’m sorry I remember now when you left I was so lonely I missed you so much I suffered so bad I stayed in my room for a whole week and my mom was so worried I made her so sad and so I tried my best to find new friends but I never got close enough to any of my friends and I didn’t know what to do then finally I met Kagome and she made me so happy because she went through the same thing and its not that I forgot about you its just that I tried not to think about you I try to only think about you when I go to sleep I tried not to worry people no more I didn’t want anyone to suffer like I did I wanted everyone happy again I’m so sorry Tamaki I loved you so much and I still love you” finally he said “I love you to I want to be with you I want you to be by my side I don’t want to lose you I want to help you protect your family” he got closer to her and gave her a big hug and lifted her up and gave her a big smile she looked in to his eyes and realized his loneliness and sorrow was gone and she gave him a big smile and then hugged him after that they ended up keeping her family happy and she got to see them one more time and they were so happy then finally she had to go back to heaven and they cried but finally they realized that their daughter became their guardian angel they became very happy when she got back to heaven she saw Tamaki waiting for her and she got a big smile and ran to him and gave him the biggest hug after that they got married and they never left each other again the were named the GUARDIAN ANGEL LOVERS and that’s the story of the fallen angel and in the end she started to believe in the lord and became the most happiest girl and Tamaki was never lonely again. If you believe in the lord you will be happy. THE END!!!!!!!