• cool SCREAMS

    “ Great … Its April Ware coming to you on the month of February , day 16thand our new year 2009 which we got in a month and a few days ago.” I said to myself jumping of the bed. I ran to my closet and as soon as I got out of that army of clothes I was wearing a plain green blouse and white pants and sat down for five minutes and watched TV. You may think a 10-year-old like me is to old to be watching Sesame Street well tell my mom that!
    “April lets go! Were going too be late!” my mom called.
    I didn’t mean to ignore her but I was listening to the Elmo theme song .
    “la, la, la , la, la, la, la ,la Elmo’s world ” the TV played it was getting kind of fun. Suddenly , the door to the wall like I falling math book .
    However, who slammed the door open?
    Could you believe it was my mother?
    “I’m going to be late for work because of you April Ware !” she shouted.
    I grabbed my backpack and ran through the door went down stairs and in 10 seconds I was in my Mom’s blue Toyota car.
    Mom chortled, and I found myself panting for air. Then mom got in the vehicle “Lets go” she said still laughing.
    She drove out of the garage, and silence continued till we got to school.
    5 minutes later
    In class we were going though yesterday’s homework
    “April why didn’t you do your homework?” Mrs. Ware asked.
    “I had to go for a jog”
    “you never jog”
    Well I had to walk the dog” I lied again
    “you don’t own a dog”
    “yesterday I was asleep for the whole day ”
    “yesterday you were at school so not for the whole day and when you got home you went straight to playing video games” she replied.
    “my dad told me not to ”
    “your dad went to England for a funeral for two weeks ” she replied again.
    It’s hard to lie to the teacher when the teacher is your mom!
    “ Miss. Ware I am very disappointed in you.” she announced with a depressed face.
    “I’m disappointed too because my mom is my teacher ”I grumbled.
    “your mother will be very disappointed too” she added.
    “YOU ARE MY MOTHER!” I shouted in disgrace.
    “talking back to the teacher eh? Principal’s office NOW! “she commanded loudly.
    I stood up immediately in embarrassment. Whatever happened was ridiculously stupid, with a capital S.
    The class laughed as I made my way out.
    “Ahhh!” I screamed with anger and to myself.

    The principle’s office was the most annoying place I have ever been to, it was full of ducks like COME ON! A sculpture of a duck, A DUCK painted on the wall on my right ,even the chair was designed with a duck on it ,and to come to think of it my dad was the only person who I know was normal or was he?
    “ Aloha Miss.Ware!” he greeted.
    (did I forget to mention he was from Hawaii?)
    “What trouble did you cause to day?” he asked politely.
    “I talked back to Mrs. Ware” I said in a deep voice.
    He sighed.
    “Ok your punishment is to give a tour of the school to the new kid behind you” he said.
    I turned around and a white boy with blond hair and leaf green eyes was staring at me and he was still as a statue.
    “His name is Milik, Milik Galaxy” he whispered to me.
    “yeah and between you and me I don’t think he’s breathing!” I whispered back.
    Milik Galaxy
    I was still as possible why did my parents put me in school here on earth how was I a 11-year-old 4th grader suppose to act human?
    I was used to using my powers sometime I hardly even know I am using my powers without even knowing I was using them.
    For example I don’t really need to breath and then that dark colored skin girl said that she did not know if I was breathing or not! I am so going to wreck this secret!
    “Milik this is April” Mr. quack said, and speaking about Mr. quack why did he have ducks all over the place I looked around in confusion.
    “don’t worry the ducks freak me out too!” April told me smiling. Then I smiled to….
    During the tour April took me to what she calls “the cafeteria”. As we walk in line the lady dropped something on my tray it was a triangle shaped with yellow thing called “cheese” and those red dots called “pepperoni” like I mean how to you even spell that ? And do you want to know what the whole thing is called pizza. As we sat silently on a table, and was waiting for april for what to do next, I waited, waited and waited and when I glanced at her she was stuffing the pizza in her mouth!!! “UGH! What are you doing!!” I screamed
    “eating” she replied.
    “Try it its good !!”
    I looked away automatically and shivered in disgust .Then I saw a class all of them were put the pizza in there mouth! I felt nausea in my stomach .I think I was about to theromanate!
    “Milik?” April called.
    “what?” I replied.
    “your freaking my out because you don’t look so well and your glowing”
    I ran away to go to the bathroom and I felt like I was running at the speed of light I looked down and I WAS! SHOOT! AGAIN I WAS USING MY POWERS AGAIN ! I ran the human way and it was boring and when I finally made it the stupid bathroom I took my medicine mom gave me because the doctor form planet Kryptonite said that I glow when I’m feel sick and to us it when I am not glowing. I put in on my head and the medicine circled me and stopped the glowing I felt better now and the first thing I do next go back to the cafeteria. . .
    I walked slowly back to the cafeteria like nothing happened April tray was empty and I ignored how troubled with disgust I am April took my tray and her and dumped it out . She ran to me.
    “are you ok you hardly ate anything ”she complained.
    “ I‘m ok mom” I muttered
    “What’s that?”
    “nothing” I said immediately.
    “tomorrow you are going to Mrs. Wares class with me ”
    “I wouldn’t act like that if I were you ”
    “in planet Kryptonite we could act like whatever we want”
    “what that?” she asked again.
    “what- I didn’t say anything”
    “lets go, I’ll show you the class”
    “I would like it better if we continue the tour somewhere else” I suggested.
    She rolled her eyes and walked away I guess that meant to follow her.
    She told me the path of where to get to Mrs. Ware’s class.
    Then she dropped me of at the class left me alone with the class and teacher.
    She said she had to go to the principle’s office to see with other punishment he has for her.

    April Ware

    Back to duck world again, the principle was writing something that I don’t really care about why should I care? When he saw me e immediately put the thing away.
    “the tour is finished already?” he questioned.
    I nodded.
    “Gosh you look exhausted! ” he said surprisingly .
    “you think!” I muttered.
    “what’s that?”
    “nothing!” I said alarmed. I wanted to plop on the floor and automatically fall asleep, would you believe that’s what I did ?
    I woke up in confusion what happened how did it happen is it Christmas?
    I got up and I saw my mom and Mr. Quack staring at me .
    “what?” I whined
    “we thought you fainted honey!” mom worried.
    “Well I’m fine I automatically feel asleep” I said.
    “are you sure?” she said in a worried way.
    “you look worried”
    “no I am confused why Mr. quack isn’t worried or saying anything.
    “its ok April I am just depressed” he whispered.
    “Why?” I asked in shock.
    “I’m retiring tomorrow I told everybody and they don’t seem to care” he frowned .
    Then I had an idea!
    “mom I write this down! I need a video camera a--”
    “what else?” she asked.
    “that’s about it ” I replied.
    I walked in the halls with the video camera my mom gave me.
    I was going around the school to let everyone get a chance to say goodbye to Mr. quack our honorable principle who was going to retire.
    I decide to go to Mrs. Marino’s class first. So I made a left and there was the classroom door I paused and turned on the video camera and said: “Mr. quack now that your retiring I thought of letting everyone in this school called Lauderhill Paul turner elementary let you know how thankful they are for having you as our principle truly we think that you are the best principle in the state of Florida let get going.”
    I opened the door and went inside ,the class room was very quiet everyone was working and Ms. Marino was grading work I strolled to her and told her the shocking news that may make you cry she told the class and I stared walking around
    5 minutes later

    Some said just goodbye some said a boring speech that made me almost fall asleep and made me forget why I’m still alive.
    When I moved to the next person what do you know! My good old friend Kevin!(I hadn’t seen him for days!)
    “what’s up Kevin?”
    “I’m good” he replied.
    “you want to say goodbye?” I asked.
    “I pointed the camera at him.
    “hi Mr. quack I feel so sorry for you I hope you get better very soon.”
    I was confused when he said “I hope you get better”. However before I could say anything he continued.
    “and if you die I just want to let you know that I can’t come to your funeral, because--”
    “Wait, wait, wait ”I interrupted
    “Mr. quack isn’t sick!” I said.
    “so he doesn’t have any cancer, AIDS, or HIV Or is he just dieing because of old age ?”he questioned.
    “none of the above, he’s just retiring.” I replied.
    “oh” he said in embarrassment.
    “sorry Mr. quack “he apologized.
    “It was nice having you as a principle and--”
    He did not continue.
    “No, that about it” he replied.

    Malik Tornadostorm

    I was sad everyone was throwing balls of paper at me I guess that’s how they treat the new kid here in earth at school. That was mean in my planet kryptonite we treated each other with respect and this was not respect.
    I sat as still as I can I wanted to raise them with my hands or want you humans all the force from star wars. But I couldn’t and you know the reason why. Suddenly April came in with a video camera in her hand. I ignored her cold expression I was to angry.
    I wanted school to be over.
    I jumped out of my seat before I blow up and suck them up with my tornado, I’m to young to go to jail if I murder them.
    I walked out the door slowly in angry in was almost like slow motion.
    I wasn’t surprised when April followed behind me.
    “why are you following me? ”I asked.
    “I don’t know” she replied.
    April Ware

    Any idea why I was following him? No idea.
    Any idea why I felt sorry for him? No clue.
    We walked in silence until I spotted my old friend again Kevin!
    However there was this guy by his side leaf green eyes, some color kind of hair his skin was white is face was to me perfect almost like Malik I realized
    Malik looked older.
    “who is this?” I with I little smile on my face.
    “Gemnii ” he replied.
    “hello” he said.
    He voice was low, soft almost as the wind.
    He lifted his hand I guess to shake, I glanced at Kevin in shock he gave me the “I don’t know” sign (no help at all ).
    I shook his hand fast.
    I looked at Malik to see his expression, it was shocked on the outside screaming in the inside.
    “C-can I speak to Gemnii for a second” he asked grabbing his arm and walking away.
    I stared at Kevin
    “I don’t know” he said.