• The next morning, Jesse came out to his cabin with a megaphone.

    "Good morning campers!" Jesse shouted into the megaphone.

    All of the contestants woke up, dressed in their everyday clothings, and got out of their cabin.

    "Get to the mess hall for some tasty breakfast!"

    The contestants rushed to the mess hall to found a buffet table of delicious food in the center of the room.

    "This is way much better than my last camp experience!" Paul exclaimed.

    "Wow," Cathy said. "This is the first time I ever get good food at a camp! All the previous camps always serve garbages."

    "And they still do," Jesse said. "That buffet table is for the camera crews and me. The table over there is where you'll be eating."

    All the contestants looked at a table nearby with seven bowls of food on it.

    "It look weird," Carmen said.

    "It look like eggs, bacons, cheese, hams, sausages, and soda mixed together," Cathy said as she examined a bowl of food.

    "It is," Jesse said. "Isn't it amazing? It's a whole meal in one. I made it myself."

    Max and Harrison grabbed a bowl and gulped it down.

    "It actually taste good," Max said with a smile.

    The rest of the contestants tried the food. After they all finished their breakfast, Jesse lead the teenagers outside.

    "Alright," Jesse started, "today challenge will be a makeover for each of you. Whoever deny the makeover, loses. Are we ready?"

    "What is this makeover anyway?" Sydeny asked skeptically.

    "It's just your everyday thing: get a horrible haircut, get dress in ugly clothings, and walk down a runway where photographers will be taking pictures of you."

    "Yay!" Dustin shouted. "We're going to be famous!"

    "No, we're all going to be humiliated!" Max explained.

    "Yay! We're all going to be famously humiliated!"

    "What's a runway?" Harrison asked.

    "Dustin, you're first," Jesse said and pointed to the theater. "Go in there and meet your stylist! The rest of you go in the theater too."

    In the theater, there was a gorilla carrying an electric hair clipper and a bottle of gel.

    "That's our stylist?" Carmen said nervously.

    "I'm going first!" Dustin shouted in excitement and ripped out parts of his hair and removed his clothings except for his underwear. He then walked zestfully down the runway.

    "Okay..." Jesse said slowly. "That was...odd, but he pass. Max, you're next."

    Max sat on a chair as the monkey began to shave his head and dressed him up. Half of Max's hair were shaven off and he was dress in a biker's jacket with a pink fluffy dress. Max walked down the runway.


    Carmen's hair were shaven completly off, making her bald. She is then dressed in a purple shirt with green dots and blue pants with red dots. Carmen then walked down the runway.


    Harrison were given a mullet hairstyle and a long fake beard. He was then dressed in a tunic and blue jeans. Harrison succesfully walked down the runway.


    Sydney refused to get the makeover.


    Cathy were given a mohawk hairstyle and a pair of round sunglasses. She is then dressed in a plaid shirt and black jean. Cathy walked down the runway with a nervous face.


    Paul were given a beehive hairstyle and dressed in a hula skirt with coconut bra. He walked down the runway with a shameful face.

    "All right then. Let's get lunch!"

    At night, Jesse brung the contestants into the mess hall again and stood on top of the table.

    "Tonight," Jesse started, "we don't need to vote. Since all but one did the challenge, Sydney will be eliminated."

    Everyone except Sydney cheered.

    "Whatever," Sydney said emotionlessly. "I don't need the five hundred million dollars prize anyway. I'm just doing this because my mom forced me to so I could stop beating up the neighborhood kids."

    As the bus carried Sydney away, the rest of the contestants waved goodbye.

    "She was so scary," Carmen said. "I'm glad that she's gone."

    "I know how you feel," Cathy said. "But we need to vote at least one of the guys out or we'll be out."

    Max, Harrison, and Paul gave each other a high five.

    "Alright!" Paul cheered. "We've made it through the challenge. Let's go party in the cabin tonight!"

    When the boys walked into their cabin, they saw Dustin in bed with a couple of teeth knocked out of his mouth.

    "What happen to him?" Harrison asked.

    Jesse walked into the boy's cabin and said, "Apparently, after the runway, he ran outside with so much joy that he crashed into a tree."

    Paul, Max, and Harrison looked at each other as Jesse got out of the cabin.

    "We should still party!" Max suggested.

    As the boys party, Jesse walked to his cabin and got out his megaphone.

    "Good night campers!" Jesse shouted into the megaphone.