• My name is Katie. I’m a slave. I have been for a year now. Over this past year humans got bought or got their blood sucked, the point is they never come back. I still had the same clothes on since the first day I got here. A black shirt with an eagle on it, and jeans, which now look like rags. Each human has their own cage. Sometimes when the vampires leave, after they check that everyone’s there, they would stale bread outside of our gages just to toy with us. We would try and try but we could never reach it.
    The door started to unlatch. Our master walked in, he was alone. He walked over to my cage and unlatched it.’What did I do? I couldn’t have done something to piss him off, or did I?’ I stood at the back of the cage, frightened. He lifted his right index figure and pulled it back. That meant to come, he had a smirk on his face, and I felt my stomach drop. I walked toward him, slowly. When I reached him, he threw me on his back. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, our master is vampire, but he eats somewhere else. We went down some hallways, into a brown, muggy room. There were no windows, only a big chair, table thing in the middle. He layed me down on it, and latched the chains.
    “Sweet Dreams!” He said and then he left. ‘So this was the place where they drink our human blood. When the vampire walks in I’m just gonna turn my head, so it can bite my neck freely. I just wanted this over with. The vampire didn’t show. I waited in silence. The vampires are to swift and quiet. It comes naturally for them. So I had no idea when he was coming. A couple of minutes later the door opened, and a white figure stepped in. My stomach felt funny. This was the day I gonna face death.
    He walked toward me. Looked me over and then he got on top of. He had dark hair with hazel, determined eyes. I layed my head down so only my neck showed. He bent down, I got ready for teeth to dig into me. I closed my eyes, when his mouth reached my neck, he just kissed it. ‘Great, this type of vampire likes to play with his food.’ He lifted his head, took his cold iron hands and lifted my face.
    “I’m not gonna hurt you.” he said with sincere in his voice. “I want to help you.” He let go of my face and started to break te chains that were clamped to my arms, legs, and waist. He got off me and pulled me into his arms. We sneaked out of the room. We went past the guards. Hid from the vampires and humans who were walking by. I didn’t know how many slaves get sold everyday, but I can tell you now, it’s a lot! Then we went past the door where the slaves were kept in and out in the fresh air. I sniffed all the fresh air and out the muggy, thick air. He threw me on his back, gently but swiftly.
    “Put your head on my shoulder and close your eyes.” he instructed. I did. I heard nothing but I could feel little wind on my skin. About a minute later I couldn’t feel the wind no more.
    “You can open your eyes now.” he said. When I did I saw a brand new blue car. He loosened my arms and legs that were around him. I lost my balance when he put me down, but he caught me just in time.
    “Thanks.” I said.
    “No problem.” He stated. We both got in and he started the ignition. The car purred down the highway, I was looked at the scenery and how beautiful it was. He looked over at me a couple times to see my reaction when I saw new things that I haven’t seen for the past year. We stopped in front of a grocery store.
    “I’ll be right back,” he said, the he locked the door. When he was in the store, I was human enough to try to open it. It didn’t work. After a couple of tries I gave up. He came out with 2 bags. He unlocked the door and got in. He put the bags on the back floor.
    “Did you think that I was gonna let you go and get killed, did you?” he said. I blushed.
    “Here.” He grabbed a loaf of bread and a jar of molasses out of one of the bags.
    “Thank you!” I asked.
    “Your most welcome,” he answered. I took a piece of bread out and opened the jar of molasses. I dipped the bread in the molasses, when I was sure that molasses wouldn’t drop on the seats, I took a bite. It was delicious! The bread wasn’t stale this time!
    “Can I ask you a question?” I asked him while dipping the bread in again. He nodded.
    “Why didn’t you.?”
    “Suck your blood?” he cut me off.
    “I didn’t want to waste your beautiful, human face,” he answered. Beautiful? I looked terrible, I hadn’t had a bath since the first day of my slave year.
    “Yes, you are beautiful, behind all that dirt on your skin, and you B.O. smell, you are beautiful.” He said when He saw my reaction. “Eat,” he pointed to the bread. I did what I was told. I was taught to obey every order or get hurt really badly. He started the car and drove on back roads,
    not highways this time. I was done with the first loaf and grabbed another one. There was a little bit of molasses in the jar. He pulled onto a road that led to an shack.
    “Lets go and get you cleaned up.” he said when we reached old looking, shabby shack. He unlocked the doors and got out. He was over at my side of the car door in a second. When I looked up he was already there.
    “Whoa!” I yelled.
    “How did you get over here so fast?!”
    He laughed and unbuckled my seatbelt, pulled me out of the car, grabbed the grocery bags and walked along side me, into the shabby shack. It didn’t look has bad inside. He put the grocery bags on a table near the small kitchen. I ate the last piece of bread, and he got up.
    “Time for you to get cleaned up.” he said. He got a bucket and went out the back door. I followed him. There was an old well. He got water in no time.
    “There should be soap and a sponge in one of the bags” he said. I walked in, and looked into the bags. They were at the bottom of the bag with the molasses. I walked out the back door and opened the bottle of soap and poured some into the bucket. He added a little bit of more water. He took the sponge from my hand and put it in the bucket. When there was plenty of suds, he started to very gently took the sponge and started washing my face.
    “What’s your name?” he asked me when he rang out the sponge.
    “Katie.” I answered
    “Nice name.”
    “Thanks.” He started to wash my face again. When he was done I asked him what his name was.
    He said it was Demetri. He dumped the water out, and started filling it up again. Demetri took the soap bottle, then grabbed the sponge. Soaked it in water, and then handed the sponge to me. I took it and he went inside. I made sure that no one was looking which I was in the middle of no where so I didn’t really have to worry about taking my clothes off.. I put my back to the shack, took off my shirt and started scrubbing myself. When I was finished with my whole body, I put my clothes back on and walked inside.
    “Feel better?” he asked when I walked in.
    “Yes! I feel clean!” I gleamed.
    He laughed, “Good. Here I got you some clothes, while you were cleaning yourself. I hope they fit you, or I just wasted 200 bucks.” He handed me a big, bag of clothing. I took a peek. I smiled,
    everything looked sooo expensive.
    “Glad you like it.” he said, smiling. “There’s a back room. You can try them on in there.” He pointed a back door.
    “Thanks.” It took 2 hours of trying on clothes, some fit some were a little baggy and bit, but it’ll do. It was getting dark outside. Demetri and I were talking and talking and talking. He was up dating me about the outside world, and I told stuff about me and he did the same. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt with gray and white strips, and a pair of jeans. I was also bare foot so I had to watch where I walked. It was almost 11:00 at night and I was exhausted. He carried me onto the sofa and that night I slept into a vampire’s cold arms.