• Entree #1 My first day dead

    My first day dead has been very tramatic. I am still disoriented My brown eyes still adjusting to the light as I still didn't know I was dead at the time. A strange draft flew through my light brown hair. Then when my eyes adjusted to the light I screamed. I was looking down at my slaughtered body with my mother still stabbing it. My body was hung on a wall dripping blood into a cup that my mother placed. "Now all I need is to put the blood on the alter." As my mother said to herself "How dare you!" I screamed. The whole place shook. She looked up and said " Aha! There you are!..." She calmed down from her evil out burst and said. "So... you aren't at peace yet now are you..." She said while picking up the bloody cup and than put one drop of mystery solution into my blood just to insult me. My arm started to disolve starting from my finger tips. I jumped down from my place from whence I floated and swatted the cup from her cold evil hands the cup hit the floor and my blood spilled everywhere. My arm re-formed and I ran as far away as possible until i did not know where i was annymore.

    I stood over a lake and started to cry. As my tears hit the water I grew with rage and my pure brown eyes tured to pale grey. I had this wierd hunger growing inside of me in symphony with the firey rage that was eating away from me. I turned arround and there was one of my enemies Tasha. She was from a neighboring land and when we used to play together she always stole my best dresses, tore up my remaining, and stole my finest dolls. She was standing behind me and I suddenly knew where I was. I ran so far away I was in Tasha's land Tasha was the new queen... To be queen at age nine and to age was what I wanted at this very moment. We were about the same age but I was a few months older. I turned arround but she couldn't see me I reched my hands out and started to strangle her. She gasped for air I actualy felt good doing this and my hunger and rage disipated. I continuosly strangled her as she was near death she nelt down from exaustion and some how she got away. I still didn't stop I found a birck and bashed her face inwards she spit out a couple of teeth. The brick broke in half eventualy and I felt joyous but I muttered out a laugh and Tasha heard it than she asked "Sophie is that you?" then coughed up more blood I just kicked her in the face and ended her misery. Her soul sank out from her dead body and turned into her ghost While her eyes adjusted she screamed "So it WAS you!" she said and I replied "So what's it to ya?" I said as I strangled her again "This will finaly make you at peace" Than I broke her neck. She turned to dust and went above. I finaly went back into the direction from whence I came.