• I felt my soul burning. My heart was beginning to fade to black with hate. My mind was set to the evil vengeance I looked forward to tonight. It’s time.

    I rushed upstairs to get to the roof. Today was the day I’ve waited for all month. These days have been slow and miserable, because of the many ruthless people that have hurt me, not just physically. I’ve been calling for the demon inside the depths of my soul to wake up from its temporary sleep. Unfortunately, it only opens its eyes when the full, pale moon takes over the night sky. Right now, I feel him twisting and turning on the bed of vengeance, beginning to feel anxious of waking up from the nightmares he and I have seen.

    I burst through the rooftop door. I took a quick glance at the moon. I immediately grinned and felt unwinded. Relaxed, I tried to keep my eyes open from sleep and I sat cross-legged on the floor. There was a calm, serene sensation that brushed across my body. While I was patiently waiting for the demon’s form to emerge; I heard the sounds of annoying car honks and groaning air conditioners. Other than that, it was peaceful, quiet almost.

    Suddenly, I felt a scorching sensation in my chest. I jolted up to a standing position. I began struggling to walk. I was shaking all over; the demon finally cracked his eyes opened. I just realized that I’ve closing mine just now, and when I opened them, I immediately stopped. I looked up to the moon above and smiled. Its pale godly glow was beautiful, glistening with dark light that would awaken my demon friend. With emitting shadows from the smoke of my building, I was covered. I began to morph. My eyes blended into a glaring red. My teeth sharpened, feeling that it was stabbing my tongue, but I was not intending to bite. Yet. My fur emerged from the pores so fast that if I even blinked, I missed the whole growth process. Claws formed, jutting out from the nubs of my fingers. My clothes disappeared, and it ended up torn into pieces on the ground. The demon has emerged from his sleep, and has taken the form of a werewolf.

    “Welcome back, buddy,” I murmured to it.

    When the mist receded, I crouched down, faced the moon, and I howled. It’s time for the demon to get his revenge.

    I placed my two front paws on the rails that looked down to the city below. The brick’s rough, bumpy texture was still no match for the beauty of the moon above. I stared at the tall buildings before me, its towers trying extremely hard to be as beautiful as the moon. I had to admit, it was pretty because it was just, well, colorful.

    I jumped across the buildings and through the night, the moon still watching my every move with its bright spotlight. My demon friend growled inside and it demanded for the corpses of my enemies. I felt the hunger too. Swiftly, I jumped from building to building. One of my victims was out in the open in a dark alley. Perfect.

    I hopped down below. My prey got startled and his eyes were full of fear. He was too scared to run, too afraid to hide. I snarled, my lips curled back, and I tortured my victim with the fact that I’m lethal. I cornered in on him. The demon inside grinned with his sinister eyes full of the tearing hunger. I snickered and howled in victory. Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for all month has finally arrived. One down, ninety-nine to go…