• I slammed the door of my brand new black Ferrari. Zachary Mosley, a tall lanky guy with jet black hair that hung over his eyes, walked up to me and smiled. I always thought it was weird how we had the same last name. "Hey, Zoey. Want me to carry your bag?" Zachary asked in a husky voice. “No, I think I’m good.” I nodded and pursed my lips. People around here acted like I was the queen and they were the sorry people who had to do everything for me. “Okay. So, did you study for the biology test today?” Zachary was obviously embarrassed. (He got nervous easily.) “Yeah, my older brother said it was hard.” I told him. “I hope its not, I’m not really good at tests. And I get all nervous.” He rubbed his hands together, and I noticed how long his fingers were.
    “Same. Don’t worry. You’ll do great.” I smiled warmly, hoping to encourage him, and calm him down. “I hope so.” Zachary said, returning a smile. “Oh, my god, Zoey!” Samantha Hanson yelled, waving her hand over her head. I’d known her since fourth grade, and for some reason, she thinks that’s why she’s my best friend, which she’s not.

    “Hi, Sami.” I sighed. “Hi, oh, hey, Zachary.” She waved at him. I think he was having a panic attack or something because he started breathing all hard, and his eyes got wide. “Zachary.” I said. He suddenly stopped, and smiled. “Yes, Zoey?” I frowned, and shook my head. What was wrong with him? I had only 5 real friends I hung out with. They were Lacy Williams, Trevor Prittchet, Ryan Enriquez, and Mo, who’s real name I wasn’ t sure of. They all joined me for first period, and I sat down by all of them. Somehow, that always happened. They had all my classes and sat by me. Mr. Mason walked in quickly with a tall stack of papers in his hands. “Hello, everyone. Test day!” He cheered. A loud, “Boo!” filled the classroom. “Aw! Get into your testing mood,” He said, handing out the tests. “Shh! Tests are out. No talking.” He looked at me. “Zoey, come here.” I got up and walked over to him. “Yes?” I whispered. “We have a new student. His name is Benjamin Brooks. Can you please help him out tomorrow?” I almost exploded with joy. A new student! We hadn’t had one in months. “Yeah, of course.” I answered. “Thanks, now take your test.”
    The test took my forty minutes out of the fifty five we had. My brother, Drake was right. The test was hard. The bell rang, and I heard Zachary moan. Mo got up. He was taller than everyone at Earhart. He was six foot, five inches. He was especially tall to me, standing at four feet, five inches. People often asked if I was a midget, and I always frowned and said no. I wasn’t, I was just short. Mo had brown shoulder length hair. His eyes were bright green, and he had a wide smile that reminded me of Joel McHale. Trevor was Mo’s twin; not really. They were just so much alike, that we called them twins. They always finished each other’s sentences and looked the same. Only Trevor had black hair, and blue eyes. Ryan wasn’t as…unique looking as the twins. He was actually my only normal looking friend.

    He had pin-straight brown hair that hung over his eyes, and he’s always shaking it out of his eyes. His eyes were a pretty moss colored green, and his smile was just a normal, charming smile. Lacy had black hair that was in a bob, and had brown eyes. She was normal too, except her lip and tongue was pierced, and she had a star tattoo on both wrists. My friends we really weird but I loved them all. Second period was English with Mrs. Jackie. I hated her. She was always yelling. We didn’t have a test in this class but had to listen to her babble on. Finally, my friends and I started passing notes talking about her. Lacy started it:
    She has a nose like a bird. Are you sure she’s not part bird?
    Mo: I don’t know, man. She kind of talks likes one, too.
    Ryan: Kind of like Big Bird.
    Trevor: Aw! That’s messed up, guys. What about her ears. Dumbo some?
    Me: Ha! I think. Maybe she can fly.
    Mo: We’re gonna get caught by Big Bird. Peace!
    Lacy: Bye!
    Ryan: See you next period.
    Trevor: See you later.
    Me: I won’t. Mrs. Jackie’s flying me somewhere.
    Mrs. Jackie turned to write something on the whiteboard. I looked at my friends, who were trying not to laugh at her saggy ass. I shook my head, and smiled. The rest of the day zoomed by, I still thought of the new student in every class. I finally had to stop. The twins decided to put me in the trash can before last period. They laughed. I sunk to the bottom, being small. Mo lifted me out before the principal came. After last period, we all held hands and walked out of the school, making fun of people, as usual.
    We all got in my car, and I dropped each one off after school. Then I went home. “Mom, I’m home.” I yelled. “You’re early.” She appeared out of nowhere, making me jump. “Sorry, honey.” I frowned. She was taller then me, too. “I’m going to bed.” I told her. I was tired.
    “Already? Don’t you want dinner?” She asked. “No, I’m not hungry.” I lied, and went upstairs. I got ready for bed, and felt someone watching me. I looked behind me. No one was there, stupid, I told myself. I climbed into bed, and closed my eyes. I knew I was lying to myself. Someone had been there.