• Inferno Walked out of the room that he had woken up in and continued to follow Ryo. As they walked out of the house Inferno realized that they were surounded by forest. Inferno decided to try and break the silence so he asked, "Where exactly are we?"
    "Well," Ryo began, "We're still in Oregon but wer're in a part that doesn't get explored enough. As a result of that fact, this is where my training facility is."
    The silence returned and Inferno continued to walk for about another mile or two. When they came to an opening, Ryo wlked over to a tree and hit it in a spot that Inferno didn't catch. A few seconds went by and a base rose up out of the ground.
    "That, was awsome." Inferno said.
    "Well we better start training." Ryo replied.
    Inferno walked into the facility and lights flickered on. as we walked into the facility there was an empty room in the middle of it. On the control panel that Ryo had pointed out there was a dial and alot of buttons.
    "Step down those stairs into that room." Ryo indicated towards the staricase about ten feet away from him.
    Ryo hit a couple of buttons as Inferno followed his directions, Ryo then followed Inferno down into the empty room.
    "You're going to fight me first Inferno so i can see what you can do. I won't hold back so don't give me a chance to seriously hurt you." Ryo explained.
    "Well, i'll do my best." Inferno replied.
    As Inferno finished his sentence Ryo9 charged him, and threw a hard right. The punch connected hard and Inferno was lifted up off of the ground and sent flying. When he hit the ground Inferno wiped what little blood was on his lip.
    "Get up Inferno!" Ryo yelled as he came down with a punch that cracked the ground, that he barely dodged. Inferno rolled to his feet and got into his fighting stance.
    "I wish I knew how to work my armor." Inferno mumbled.
    Ryo stopped his assult as soon as he heard the statement. He looked at Inferno with a weird look and said, "You seriously don't know how to use your armor?"
    "No, I don't."
    "You just think about it and it should come to you." Ryo replied.
    Inferno did as instructed and his armor appeared after a bright flash.
    "Now it's fair game" Inferno said.
    This time Inferno charged and began to throw a barrage of punches. left and rights that in an art turned into combos. But these combos were deadly because they were connecting.
    Finally Ryo regained his bearings, and began to block and dodge the combos. Inferno tried to finish the combo up with a hard right, but Ryo grabbed his fist and held it there.
    "Not bad." Ryo said as he grinned.
    He hit Inferno again but this time when Inferno landed it was on his feet and not his back. inferno landed and knew that there was no way that this was going to be an easy fight.