• Hello, I’m lonely. (You look at me, shyly.) *I sigh* This is going to be a long night. (“What do you mean by that?”) Sorry…*I fidget with my vest bottom…just like you would, if you tried to talk to someone* (“Why whenever you talk I don’t see your lips moving?” For some odd reason your not afraid to talk. Which that is weird.) *I giggle* Because your hearing me in your head. It’s a thing that happens whenever a fate is being decided. (“Wait…fate?”) Oh, yeah, I forgot you don’t believe in fate. That is ever since your mom died…and your brother, and sister. And now you don’t see your father as much. And don’t we consider him dead anyway? (You glare at me. “How do you know all of this?”) Oh, yeah, I also forgot to tell you that I’m you in a way. (Your heart stop.) *Before you can do anything I’m beside you and I lead you to a couch that wasn’t there a minute ago. I hand you some water as you sit down.* (Is fate a real thing?) *I giggle again* Also I can hear your thoughts. Since I am part of you it makes since. Is that right? (You giggle under the sip of water. “How did I start not believing into the fate stuff?”) Actually it was anything that involved the impossible. (“How?”) Because when our whole family died. Because the doctor said that they would survive to you, and behind your back said it would be a miracle. And then after their funeral you stopped talking. And lost our father to work. And don’t even answer questions at school. That they had to put you into a Special Ed school. (“Wait you do ‘our’ and then you do ‘you’…what is up with that?”) Because you suppressed me…just right when we heard the nurse say ‘your mother’s dead sweetheart.’ She gave me the shivers. You see, I’m technically your voice. And when I got suppressed, you stopped talking and did nothing. Just stare ahead and not blink. (You glare at me, but then know it is true. “So how is this thing…fate going?”) Well right now we are not going to talk about that we are- *I stop all of a sudden, and began to scream and fade out.*

    I awake and look around in the small apartment. Nothing is important about it but its home for now. There is a light that goes on in the guest room. “Dad?” A man with gray hair comes out of the room and looks at me, concerned. “Honey, why where you screaming?” I looked at him surprised…I screamed? “Sorry…night.” I flip on my side and pretended to sleep. He looked at the clock and changed for work. When he left I knew he thought I went back to sleep, but I didn’t. So as soon as I knew the car pulled out I went and tried to do some homework that I feel asleep on. I got it all done…which I probably shouldn’t have. Since the new school I had to go to was going slow on me it was really really boring! Finally it was time to get on the bus for a short time to go to school. Right when I got on I sat right in front not wanting attention. It was snowing outside and the snow made everyone complain, but I liked it, it felt like somehow my family was with me, but that was impossible. All of a sudden I felt eyes on me. I turned around to see who, but it’s just as impossible as my family being with me right now. I get off the bus right away and get inside, not wanting anyone to see me or to talk to me. I got all of my homework in right away, and they told me to wait in the office for someone. I waited not know what was happening at all. All of a sudden the door opens and a boy, my age walks in, with wild brown hair and hazel eyes that shined bright. He smiled at me and I fiddled with my shirt not wanting to talk or look at him. Something inside of me was jumping for joy or something, but it made me wonder if it was lonely? Could it be her? He sat next to me and still had the same smile on his face. “Hi! I’m Erik.” He was trying small talk, wouldn’t work. I covered my face with my long hair and blocked our view of each other. He divided my hair and made me look up. I looked at him, and almost felt like yelling at him, but I couldn’t, because I all of a sudden remembered that the doctor that lied to me had told me that he had a grandson named Erik. I glared at Erik and he looked at me in a way that made me want to slap him silly. He grabbed my books and went out of the office. I stared in disbelief, and walked/jogged after him. I caught up and tried to grab my books back, but he keep them out of my reach. “I won’t give them back to you, not until you smile and tell me hi, and your name.” I didn’t do that, and tried once again to grab my books, which didn’t work. I looked around and saw that we were in the art area, that had no camera’s or teachers around (art area was burned down.) So I kicked his knee and he closed his free hand around it in pain “OUCH!” I tried to grab my books again but he caught me off guard and dropped them and picked me up. “Now I won’t let you go until you tell me your name.” I kicked and struggled with no such luck, he threw me over his shoulder and picked up my books and walked to the lockers with me on his shoulder. I tried to get out of that but no luck again. He put me down by my locker and gave me back my books. I went into my locker and got my bag and put my coat on, before I could put my bag over my shoulder, he was there and grabbed it from me, put it, and me on his shoulder. (GREAT!) I sighed and tried to be comfortable until we where outside. About 21 minutes latter he stopped talking (FINALLY!!!) and he put me down, “Here is my house and yours!” I looked at him, surprised. (HE LIVED IN THE SAME APPARTMENT AS I DID? OH NO!) He handed my bag over and we walked up the few steps until we finally did depart and he went into his apartment. I went up to mine and fell onto the couch happy, and soon sleep caught me.

    Hey! (“Hi! What happened yesterday?”) You woke up. (Lonely! WHOOT! She isn’t dead or something. “What?”) *I giggle and look at you happy.* You were happy when you fell onto the couch. *I giggle some more.* (“I wasn’t happy!”) Yes you were! Don’t try to argue you will lose trust me. Well you found your fate! You’re going down the road right now. *I sit on the couch and you sit next to me, still happy to see me.* (“What do you mean I found it?”) *I giggle again and look at you with happy eyes.* Your person that makes you feel not lonely anymore is HIM! And he makes you feel protected and speak-able. (“Who?”) *I role my eyes and give you a look of you-got-to-be-kidding-me look* You know who, you hate him because of his grandfather. (You look at me shocked and you feel like time has stopped right now. How could it be him!) *I giggle again.* Because he is your perfect match. Erik is your voice. It doesn’t mean that you don’t speak; it means that he finds it for you. So tomorrow you go up to him and introduce yourself…or how about now. *before you could reply or anything, I close my eyes and disappear*

    I awake by the door knocking. I get up slowly, groaning. Who could it be? I go to the door and open it a little. It’s Erik! I began to shut the door again, but his foot is in the way. I try to close it on his foot, but then I remember lonely words. I open it and give him a smile that he returns and comes in. “Sorry, but I need help on Math.” He tells me. “It’s Samantha.” “What?” “My. Name. Is. Samantha.” He stares at me in disbelief and keeps on starring as I go to the couch. “You know it’s rude to stare.” He shakes his head and says, “Sorry, but everyone told me you don’t speak. And I wanted to prove them wrong. I didn’t think I would win, but I guess I did.” I get my Math out and he sits next to me. We get our homework done together, and find out that together we felt like an unstoppable force. And I didn’t see lonely ever again. Maybe fate is real.