• “ Mom!”, people moved out of my way and I ran over to the ambulance that where putting my mom on this brace thing they pulled out of the car.
    “ Wait how are you?”
    “ That’s my mom please what’s wrong with her, I want to see her”, the guy was blocking me from seeing her face. He pulled me to the side then looked at me then at my mother, he pulled the stuff out of my hands and put it in the car.
    “ Ok, your mom has been stabbed three times. The polices are looking for the assassin right know, you just stay in the car we will take you to the hospital as soon as they put her in the back”, I nodded and got in the car and held my stuff in my lap. Tears started to come and there was no way to stop them, the guy opened the door and gave me a tissue.
    “ Thank you.”
    “ Your welcome”, I wiped the tears away and blow my nose. They got her in the car and the guy got in the front and started to the car and drove off. “ The others are in the back with your mom, they are going to stop the bleeding”, I just nodded. He flipped a switch and the serene where going off and cars pulled aside to let us through, it didn’t take that long to get to the hospital. We pulled up and Doctors and nurses came out to get my mom, they guy came around to help me get out with my stuff.
    “ What’s your name”, I looked up at him. He had blond hair but drown eyes, he was holding my things in one hand and the other was helping me out.
    “ Its Anglia”, he smiled.
    “ Well I’m Kieren”, he gave me my stuff and held out his hand to shack. I put my hand in his and shock, I let go and walked into the hospital. I herd other foot steps behind me, I turned around to see Kieren. He hesitated to say something a first but then finely talked. “ Do you know where your going”, I just looked at him with tired eyes.
    “ No, I was going to ask the lady behind the desk,” he nodded his head.
    “ Oh, well I will go with you then”, he was now beside me walking to the desk. She looked at Kieren then at me.
    “ Yes, what can I do for you.”
    “ The woman that just came in, well this is her daughter. I just want to show her which waiting room she was going to be in,” she nodded then tipped something in the computer then looked back at us. “ Wait room on the second floor next to the surgery room”, he nodded.
    “ Thanks, shallow we then”, he held out his hand to the hallway in front of us. I started to walk with him beside me, we went up to elevator then got to the second floor.

    There was no one in the hallways, not even one noise from one of the rooms. We walked into a room with no one in it, there was couches and a TV that wasn’t on. I set my stuff down and sat down with my head between my legs, I took a beep breath then to steady myself and looked up at Kieren. “ Its ok, she will be ok. We have a really grate Doctor here. Are you tired I can get a pillow if you want me to”, I smiled then nodded yes. He left me to get the pillow, he is nice. How old is he, he has to be older the sixteen because he drive down here. He walked in and handed me a pillow, then nodded.
    “ Thanks, you know you don’t have to do this”, he turned around. “ I know but your moms hurt and how knows what your going to do”, I put the pillow down.
    “ How old are you”, he pulled up a chair and looked at me relaxed in it. “ I’m eighteen and you.”
    “ I’m sixteen, thanks for staying with me again”, I said. “ Are you still on your job?”
    “ Yeah if something happens I have my phone they can call”, I nodded. He closed his eyes as if he was going to sleep, I laughed. “ What’s so funny.”
    “ If your trying to get me to sleep by showing me your going to sleep that’s not going to work”, I said this as if it was the first time this happened.
    “ No I haven’t been on brake yet so its time for me to really sleep before I get called out”, I looked at him relax in the chair then fall back to sleep. I sighed, then looked at my cloths I got from shopping. Know I regret getting cloths ever again, I want to keep mom out of harm and pain. I put my head down on the pillow and started to cry again, then there was a bussing sound it was his cell. I looked at him and he smiled.
    “ I’ll be back ok”, I nodded at him and he left the room. Then put my head back in the pillow. I could here him running down the hallway then you couldn’t here anything else but the quietness. My eyes closed then I fell asleep, I pulled up my legs onto the couch that I was on. I was in a sitting position and sleeping, its really uncomfortable but it was ok for now.

    Someone was playing with my hair, I know it wasn’t Kieren he went to his job. I opened my eyes slowly to see how it was, my head was on his shoulder and his arm was around me holding me on the couch as if I would fall. I moved to yawn and stretch, I looked over to find Kieren watching me. I blushed then looked away, why is he back. Why was I in his arms when I was sleeping, I looked over at him.
    “ What time is it”, he pulled his phone out.
    “ It ten seventeen, did you sleep good”, I got up from the couch and stretched again.
    “ Yes, Is my mom out yet”, he did move.
    “ They just pulled her out, it will take some time to put her in a room”, I just nodded.
    “ When did you get back and how was I in your arms”, he laughed.
    “ I just got off my job and come back. You where all over the couch so I moved you back to your position and sat next to you. You moved your head to my shoulder”, I just nodded then looked at the door. “ Are you hungry, they have Mac Donald’s here”, I turned around to look at him.
    “ That sounds good”, he got up off the couch. Then I looked over where my cloths I got and stopped. “ Can I put my stuff some where”, he looked over at my cloths.
    “ I can put it in your moms room if you want”, I grabbed my stuff and fallowed him down the hallway to room 21C. “ I will take your stuff in you wait here”, I handed him my stuff and watched him go in the room. There was two nurses in there talking and hooking stuff into the machines, they stopped Kieren to talk to him. But he said he had someone waiting, they let him go and he came out of the room to find me in the same spot.
    “ Mac Donald’s here we come”, he held out his arm and I looped mine in his. We took the stairs only because it was right there instead of walking down a sick hallway, and I could miss a day off school. We crossed the street and walked inside, only a good fie to six people where there eating. We walked up and order, I was just about to pull my wallet out but a Visa was already in the cashers hand.
    “ Thanks”, he smiled down at me.
    “ Lets just say it’s a date, I think they gays at school will finely stop bugging me”, he walked over to the table and sat down.
    “ What do you mean, you never been on a date before”, he sighed and laughed at the same time.
    “ Yeah I haven’t really found a girl that’s my type yet”, I laughed then at my cheese burger. For some rezone I was happy, this was my first date and it was with a kind guy like him. “ Oh I saw you leave class late why was that”, I stopped and looked at him.
    “ Wait you go to the same school as me”, he smiled then picked up his drink. “ I was missing one of my papers that I needed to turn in.”
    “ Did you find it”, he put the drink down and leaned forded like he was interested in what I was saying.
    “ No, I lost it. I still need to redo it anyway, how did you see me”, he got up to throw away his trash then came back and sat.
    “ I have him that next period, if you want to you can copy of my notes if you want. There in my car in the parking lot”, I just laughed.
    “ Are you asking me on a study date Kieren”, he laughed at my question. I got up and throw my trash away, and turned around to wait for Kieren. He walked over to me in a sexy way, and some of it work. He stopped in front of me, “ I think your reading my mind, two dates in a row. Man I’m good”, I laughed then walked outside. It was sprinkling and people where running. The rain always made me feel safe and happy. I looked over at Kieren how was just staring at me.
    “ Are you checking me out just know”, he laughed then walked over to me.
    “ What if I was.”
    “ I thought you said you where looking for a type of girl”, he moved closer.
    “ What if you are the type of girl I am looking for”, I laughed then moved away.
    “ But what if I say your not my type”, he looked up at the sky.
    “ But what if I was you type would you date me”, I looked at him. His hair was all wet and shinny from the rain with turned me on.
    “ What if I said no to you face”, he looked down and laughed.
    “ Well I can tell them I went on a date and then we slept together”, I walked over to him. He backed up and I moved closer.
    “ Your bluffing, and yes you are my type and I would say yes but my mom is hurt and in pain. I want to see her to tell her I’m ok.”
    “ Yeah I should get you back, this was on fun date”, I laughed.
    “ You shore do know how to make a girl happy”, he smiled then shook his hair and rain went in my face.
    “ No only you”, I pushed him aside and he come back to my side and pushed me a little. We took the stairs and some nurses past us up, they where checking him out like every other girl. I walked into the room and I herd a little scream, it was my mom she was freckling out bout the needles in her arm. My mood changed from happy to scared, I ran to her side.
    “ Mom its ok, it giving you blood you lost a lot of blood. Mom stop”, her hand where tearing them out. I grabbed her hands and put them on my face, she looked at me and stopped what she was doing. Tear ran down her face. “ Mom your hurting yourself even more when you pull them out, you have to keep them in”, she stopped what she was doing and just looked at me with her wide brown green eyes.
    “ Anglia are you ok”, I laughed.
    “ Yes, now the nurse needs to put the needles back in. I will be right here”, she nodded and didn’t mover her arm. Kieren was right next to me, my mom looked at him then at me.
    “ How is he, is he your friend”, I smiled.
    “ Mom this is Kieren, he works here. He drove both of us here, he also go to the same school as me”, she smiled.
    “ I was watching her for you when you got here, we just got back from Mac Donald’s”, my mom just smiled at him.
    “ Its good to know some one is watching you when I’m not”, I stopped her from saying more.
    “ Mom what happened to you anyway?”