• Chapter: “Love Triangle”

    Into Kaoru and Hikaru’s room stepped the, wash-board flat, Ayame.
    “If you’re sleeping, how could you answer me?” Ayame shut the door behind her, waiting for a response.
    “Kaoru, please…” She reached out; clutching the blanket the red-head was trying so desperately to cling to.
    “H-hey! Don’t do that!” Ayame slowly pulled the blanket away, exposing the half-naked form of Kaoru.
    “Are you stupid!?” Kaoru quickly pulled the blanket back over his form, covering the exposed area.
    “I-I’m sorry!” Ayame bowed, a blush spreading from the bridge of her nose to each of her cheeks.
    “Get out.” Kaoru said bluntly, glaring at Ayame with golden occuli.
    “Kaoru, please. I think we got off on the wrong foot. You have me totally misunderstood.” Ayame took a step towards the bed, seating herself upon the edge of it. Kaoru only grumbled and clutched the blanket to his face.
    “Who do you think you are anyways!? Coming here dressed as a male when you’re female! You are a disgrace to this club already and everyone else is an idiot for buying into your little charade!” Kaoru scowled at her from under the covers. Ayame merely reached out her hand, patting the red-head gently.
    “Don’t touch me!” Kaoru sat up in the bed, removing the blanket away from his face.
    “I don’t know you that well, but you’re the complete opposite of Hikaru…” Ayame tapped a finger against her chin, nodding as if she were thinking.
    “Shut up…” Kaoru looked over to her and then looked away, realizing that being so different from his twin is what would soon tear them apart. Kaoru was shy, but very blunt about his feelings while Hikaru was very energetic, but always conserved when it came to sharing his emotions.
    “Get out…”Kaoru demanded in a low, husky tone of voice.
    “Kaoru, why don’t you like me?” Kaoru shrugged his shoulders.
    “My brother will never consider you a friend, so don’t try it.”
    Ayame took in the words of Kaoru for a moment before she realized what was going on. It was a one sided love, and Kaoru feels that if Hikaru comes humanely close with someone, then he may fall for them and leave Kaoru’s side, and Kaoru feels he will be left with nothing in the end.
    “Kaoru, you are seemingly more intelligent than the rest of this host club. So, why do you stay here? You could easily gain entrance to another school, couldn’t you?” Kaoru could see what Ayame was trying to do; she wanted him to admit something that not even he was ready to admit to himself.
    “I have to stay here, for my parents.” Lie.
    Ayame pondered for a moment before lifting herself from the edge of the bed.
    “To lie about something so subtle, Kaoru, that truly makes you an idiot. Just like the rest.” Ayame stated, bluntly and into the open. She smiled and turned the door-knob, swinging the wooden door open and walking out, slamming the door shut as she left. Kaoru sighed and threw the covers over his head, the soft sound of his own breathing reminded him of his twin’s breathing, and he slowly fell asleep.
    Through dreams all he could see was the similar face of his twin, haunting him like a scary movie haunts the subtle dreams of a young child. He flailed in his sleep and cried as Kaoru held his twin close to him in the dream.
    “Kaoru,” Hikaru’s almost identical voice called out to him, he was still dreaming. “Kaoru, don’t leave me.” Kaoru muttered the words “I won’t.” in his sleep, trying to catch the twin that was now running from him in his dream, causing the dream to slowly twist into a nightmare. He reached, almost enough to twine his fingers in his twin’s red hair, but not enough.
    “Hikaru!” Kaoru cried out, and flailed his arm to one side before he finally woke from his unconscious state. He took in his surroundings, realizing that it was his room, he looked to his side hoping to see his twin, but there was no one lying beside him.
    “I could have sworn I had fallen asleep to his breathing.” Kaoru lifted a hand, brushing his fingers gently through the strands of his red hair, throwing the covers off him and swinging his legs over the bed.
    “Might as well go take a shower…” He planted his feet firmly against the ground and stood, walking to the bathroom and shutting the door behind him.
    “What time is it…?” Kaoru reached into, pulling his cell phone from it and raising it so he could make out the time.
    “Seven forty five at night…” Kaoru shrugged his shoulders and stood there for a moment, grasping the edge of his shirt and lifting it over his torso. Kaoru stood now, almost naked, looking at the shower curtains, warped images of him and his twin played like a record in his mind.
    “I’ve got to stop this.” He stated to himself and moved to the tub, turning the nozzle for each side. He let his fingers dangle under the running water.
    “Too hot…” He turned the nozzle for the cold side and finally got the temperature of the water just right before he pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them and into the shower. The water ran slowly down the toned form of his body, dripping against the bottom of the tub, Kaoru smiled lightly and ran his fingers through his hair, making sure the water hit each strand.
    “Kaoru?” Kaoru heard a tap on the bathroom door and jumped, slightly startled when he heard the identical voice of his twin.
    “Hika-chan, is that you?” Kaoru called out, awaiting a response while lathering some soap together on his hands.
    “Yes. Kaoru, what are you doing, are you alright?” Hikaru slowly turned the knob of the bathroom door and opened it. Kaoru jumped again, golden pupils slightly wide as he peered out from behind the shower curtain, a cloned figure staring at him with a quirked brow.
    “Y-yes…?” Kaoru asked nervously, not realizing the slow rise towards the lower part of his body. Hikaru stepped towards the shower just as Kaoru realized that below his waist, an erection was forming.
    “H-huh!?” Kaoru gripped the shower curtains, making sure he kept himself covered; it was embarrassing enough that he had an erection, but even more embarrassing that it was the sight of his twin that had done this to him.
    “Are you alright? I only came in to take a piss, calm down.” Hikaru lifted the lid for the toilet and unbuttoned his jeans which coveted his lower half. Oh how Kaoru longed to touch that body, to be the one to own it.
    “Yea, I am fine.” Denial.
    “If you say so.” Kaoru slowly withdrew back into the shower, noticing that his erection had gone down from Hikaru mentioning that he had to piss.
    “Thank god…” Kaoru managed to make his comment audible enough for only him to hear it, not wanting his twin to get any ideas.
    “Kaoru, I am going to go out with Ayame. I am really in the mood for some Ice cream. ~ ♪” Hikaru drummed his fingers against the shower curtains, causing them to ruffle. Kaoru tensed in a flash at his twin’s words, for him to go out with Ayame and abandon his own twin, what was he thinking?
    “Alright, Hikaru, have fun.” Kaoru gritted this out from behind clenched teeth. Hikaru was gone.
    “Maybe one day…”