• Intro
    “I wonder if I could fly, spread my wings and never turn back.” I never realized how ironic life could be, but, if I went through all this just to realize it, what is the point of living? It is said that living it’s just part of the every day, so can it be called monotonous? We are all equal, we live in the same earth, and we are born the same way. What if the human being it’s changed? What happens if our humanity it’s taken from us?” “It has been 12 years now”

    Chapter one

    12 years ago I didn’t cared about what happened. But I didn’t knew what it really was. When I turned 14, like any other teen on the reserve, an experiment was made with my body. I just felt a cold liquid running through all my body, and then I passed out. When I woke up everything was fine, I was in a room with two beds. On the right there was a brown desk with a black chair. No windows, two doors, and a boy in the other bed. He had blond hair, white skin with grey eyes. He was sitting staring looking at me. “Who are you?” I asked. He didn’t answer. I lay down back to my bed and he kept watching me. After a while he finally talks. “Fine, you still human. I’m Jun, from now on I’ll be your partner” He stood up, he walked down the room to a door and opened it. “Come Inansuke, there are many things you should know” I followed him down a corridor. He opened a door in the left. Inside there was a big hall. It had one big table in the center and many chairs; luxury was all around the hall. The room was dark and cold. At the end of the hall, on the last chair, there was a man sitting. “Welcome” he said. Jun bowed, so I did. We walked forward and took a sit side by side with the strange man. “Welcome Inansuke, how are you feeling?” he said looking at me sharply. Deep, black, sharp eyes he had, indeed. “I’m fine, I guess”. For a while he stood quiet. After several minutes, he brooked the silence. “I have to tell you something. During all this years you, and many other kids like Jun, have been part of an experiment. You have been trained with the best technology. It wasn’t just coincidence that you were chosen. The experiment consists on the manipulation of your DNA. In other words what we did was induce your body to produce incredible amounts of stamina. From now on we’ll be training you, so you will learn how to control your stamina. If this works all of you will be of great use for our country. So do you want to go in?” I didn’t say anything, but I was just a kid back then. I used to be alone those days, and learning that you were part of something big, what could I do? “It is ok” I finally answered. There innocently I gave my life, without knowing what awaited me.