• He stroked her hair gently and let her tears pour out of her eyes onto his coat. He watched her with sad eyes and knew that the time had come. He used his powers to cease her sobbing. Just then, the door burst open, a figure in the doorway panting, his heart throbbing, and his eyes accusing. He was the girl's guard and he had heard the sobbing cease abruptly. Now, the man was carrying her in his arms with a solemn look on his face. The guard in the doorway pointed his gun at the man in front of the open window. The snow was being blown into the girl's room through the open window, and the guard shivered, but kept his position. "What are you doing with Yuuki?!" He asked, his blood-colored eyes piercing the other man's. The man in front of the open window kept his calm and solemn look about his face and replied, "Do not worry. I would not betray you or Yuuki." The guard's eyes widened and the wind blew mercilessly at that point, and the guard had to shield his eyes. When he opened them, the man and the girl were gone.
    "Where am I?" thought the girl when she awoke on the roof of the academy. She looked around. The snow was a blood-red color and she reached out for it. She felt that the blood-red color was precious for some reason. "Kaname-sama..." she said weakly. Kaname looked at her with his blood-red eyes. "Relax, Yuuki," he said soothingly. "Try to remember..." Yuuki laid her head back in his arms, and she felt a sharp dull pain in her neck. She felt blood trickle down her neck and looked. Kaname-sama's fangs protruding from her neck and saw her own blood trickling down her neck. She screamed and grabbed his hair, but he covered smothered her scream with his hand and continued to drink her blood. She had known that Kaname was a vampire, but she never thought that he would try to drink her blood. They had known each other for 5 years and had developed a kind relationship. Now, as Yuuki thought about it, she became drowsy. "Why...?Kaname...senpai....?" She fainted.
    Kaname saw that she had fainted and wore the solemn and calm look on his face. He knew that she was precious to him, and that was why he was doing this. Turning her into a vampire. He bit his wrist and took some blood out from it, but he made sure that he didn't drink it. Then, he slowly lowered his head and kissed Yuuki. The blood trickled down her cheek slowly and she awoke. She struggled against the kiss when she realized that Kaname had bitten her. But when she tasted his blood, she relaxed and knew that Kaname was doing this for a reason and she returned his kiss.