• School out of the reservation

    Im finally happy that i can leave my school in the reervation. Of corse I will miss all my friends back in the reservation, of corse i will miss the tan skin of every one surrounding me. But it's time to move on. I'm not letting my father's death leave to much of a scar in my life. But living with my uncle Matt in town wouldn't be so bad would it?

    My Uncle Matt knows about the secret of my life, and the family. He knows it because he was once a werewolf too of corse. The complaxtion of my skin wouldnt bother him a much as the people in town. Seriously it's not like they never saw a tan person befor.. Befor i knew it the mercedes pulled up to the front of my house. Uncle Matt? i said. Yes Jade its me. Then i heard teh click of the doors from inside the car. I opened up the car door then got in. Nice car. I said. To break the silence. Thanks.He said.W-W-ho are they? I said. As i looked out the window to see 5 people walking on the street. Oh. He said. There vapires. He said once more. Yea there beautiful..ish. Beautifulish wasn't the word when I saw the blonde one. W-W-Who is he. Oh him... He said with painfullness in his vocie. His name is Blake. Blake. I said in my head. It was almost as beautiul as the creauter out the window. But i knew i could never have him...

    Chapter 2