I was sitting in my room doing my homework, well actually looking at my notebook, writing nothing. I was thinking. I always thought of thinking of that little thought in your head that you can't tell ANYONE. Not even someone you loved.
    I was thinking about Daren. In kindergarden we made mud pies together, the day we first met was when we were five.
    "Hi! I'm Macy! What's your name?" I asked.
    "Daren. Your ugly." he had replied.
    "Wanna be friends?" I giggled.
    "Uhhhhhhhh...Sure." he smiled. And that was it, it was like our hips were attached every second of the day. We got to sixth grade and I hadn't seen Daren all summer because he was in Florida. The moment I saw him I actually dropped my books. He was actually...hot. We still hung out but I always felt so nervous around him. He started dating other girls and I felt like I was being pulled away from him. Every time I tried to talk to him, another prettier, better, smarter, everything better than me, girl walked up to him and would flirt.
    But, now were back to where we started. We hung out more often at the diner down from our street, people always thought of a thing, of course, we denied it, but I secretly wished it was true.
    One day we were hanging out in my backyard, I was sitting on my wooden swing from ages ago and he was pushing me. Every once and a while he stroked my hair but I ignored it, thinking it was him just being friendly. But then, he stopped me. He circled around the swing so he was in view of me and said. "You know what I really wanna do right now?" I glanced at him and shrugged my shoulders.
    "This," he said and in one swift move grabbed my hands and kissed me passionately on the lips. I grabbed his hair, I loved it.
    We were in love. We dated all the way until twelveth grade. Every morning Daren arrived at my house extra morning so we could do our daily run. (We also kinda made out in the trees every once in a while). But this one was different, Daren just kept running, he stopped a few times but didn't pull me into the trees like he always did. He dropped to the ground his thrid stop.
    At first I thought he was joking but then his face got all red, and I started screaming. I dropped onto the sidewalk and started doing CPR. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and called 911, but it was too late. Daren was dead.
    I didn't go to school for the rest of the week, I was so upset I cried for hours and cried myself to sleep. But on monday my mom talked me into going to school. Everyone gave me that sorry look. I dreaded school for the rest of the year, shoving the thought out of my head that Daren was gone and he'd never come back.
    I'm happy now, though. I'm 32, I'm married, and I have one heck of a gorgeous daughter. I never forgot about Daren, I still cried myself to sleep sometimes when my husband wasn't home, but it's natural for me now. Im over it.
    By:Jennifer Fox
    Hope i win! lol