"Hmmm..." Hisana entered the classroom looking for an available desk.It was the first day of the Eleventh grade and she was starting in an new school.Her mother died in a car accident along with her older brother and her father is in jail in the US.She decided to go alone to Japan to continue her studies.

    She noticed that in her classroom they were sat in pairs and some were sat with three so she tought she couldn't just decide were to seat and she also noticed that the room was stadium style. Everyone was talking so class hadn't begun yet.Hisana aproached the teacher's desk shyli.
    "Excuse me,were can I seat?" Hisana asked the teacher.
    "You can choose your seat." The teacher didn't even bother to face Hisana.
    "Okay,everyone.Let's take our seats and begin." The teacher grabbed his papers and sat on the edge of his desk.Hisana walked up the classroom stairs.At first it seemed as if all the spaces were taken but Hisana looked at the back of the classroom and saw a mysterious looking boy.The space next to him wasn't taken so she aproached him. "Um...can I talk to you?" Asked Hisana as she stood next to him.He looked at her with a serious face.It made Hisana feel uncomfortable but he moved to the chair next to him which was next to the window.

    "Wow,she's so brave.To talk to Zero-kun." Whispered a girl to another girl.Hisana heard them but did not know how to react. "(Who is this guy?) Can I seat next to you?" Asked Hisana.Once again he didn't answer so Hisana sat next to him.

    During class,Hisana wrote a note to Zero. "Hi,I'm Hisana Kuchiki.What's ur name?" Zero looked at the note and sighed.He wrote back:"Zero Kiryuu." Then he pushed the note back to Hisana.She was happy because he wrote back which was something she didn't expect since what she heard about him. "Nice to meet u,Zero" She wrote back.Zero grabbed the piece of paper and wrote something then he made a paper ball and threw it to the trash bin.Everyone gaped at Zero because he was sitting in the back of the classroom and the trash bin was in the front.
    "Wow,Zero-kun has talent" Said the teacher.Hisana looked at Zero and then the bell rang.

    Every class was going to be in that classroom and it was always going to be the same teacher.When the bell rang,it means intermission.You go out to the hallways were the lockers are located and leave the book of the previous class and grabb the one of the next class.So technicaly,you always carry one book and one notebook.Zero was the first one to leave the room.Hisana then pulled out a tiny piece of paper from her pocket with her locker number. "(Locker #101,got it!)" Hisana walked down the stairs and saw in the trash bin,the piece of paper Zero had thrown.She opened it to see what he'd written.
    It said:"Nice to meet you too,Hisana".Hisana smiled and wrote back.Then she crumbled the paper again and put it once again in her pocket.She was happy because she tought she'd made a new friend on the eleventh grade.

    She walked out the hallway and saw Zero leaned over his locker.She looked at his locker number and it was 100.Then she looked at the locker next to him and it was 101.
    "Hey,guess we're neighbors now." Zero ignored her and went back inside.The rest of the morning period was quiet.The bell ranged and it was time for lunch.Hisana walked into the cafeteria and grabbed some food.She turned around and noticed there were no open spaces. "(hmm...I guess I'll have to eat outside.)" She walked outside to the school yard and saw Zero napping at the foot of a tree.She sat next to him quietly and began eating.She didn't look but,she noticed how everyone glared at her.
    "Wow,she's really brave.To aproach Zero-kun with out even asking him...that's having some guts" Whispered a guy to his girlfriend.Hisana got really scared.
    "(Is this guy a serial killer or something?)" She tought as she saw Zero napping next to her.Her fear calmed down after eating a nice bowl of shio ramen.She wanted to find out more about Zero so she decided to ask others about him.She stood up and walked away but she didn't noticed that the note that Zero had thrown away,fell from her pocket and landed next to were Zero was lying.

    Hisana aproached Mishiro,the popular girl in her class.
    "Excuse me,Mishiro."
    "Ah! Hisana,there you are!You're so brave! To be able to get near Zero-kun without even asking him!Wow...so,what is it?" Hisana reacted to her quick answer but then focused.
    "Um...why do you admire me for aproaching him?Who is Zero?What's his deal?" When Mishiro was about to answer Hisana,Zero apeared from behind Hisana and pulled her away from Mishiro.

    "Ah! Wait! Were are you taking me!!??" Mishiro was left comfused.Hisana was trying to break free but Zero was to strong for her.He took her to the back side of the building and leaned her on the wall.He putted his hand on the wall next to her head and stared at her.

    "If you want to know about me,all you have to do is ask me!" Zero threw at Hisana the note and then turned around.
    "I tought you wouldn't answer since you're so mysterious.And you don't seem the talkative type" Zero stood quiet and then slowly walked away.
    "Wait!" Zero stopped but didn't turned to face her. "Are you going to tell me who you are?" Asked Hisana.
    "No" Zero kept on walking.
    "(...should I feel comfused?Nah,I'd expect he'd say that)" Tought Hisana as the bell rang.

    She ran to her locker hoping to find Zero but he was already inside. "(Wow,Zero's pretty quick)" Before Hisana entered the room Mishiro's bestfriend,Hio,stopped her. "Hey,Kuchiki-san,so how does it feel to seat next to Zero?"
    "Not much.It's as if noone is next to you.Why?"
    "I kinda like Zero;and so does Mishiro but shhh! don't tell."
    "Well let me tell you something,Hio,with him...you're not going to get anywere." Hisana then entered the room leaving Hio completely blank.She sat next to Zero who was,as usual,staring out the window.She took another piece of paper and wrote:
    "Tell me about u"
    "*Sighe* -_- what do u want to know?" wrote back Zero.
    "How is ur academical statue?"
    "I M a 4 pnt. student,anything else u'd lyk 2 now? -_-"
    "(0.0) but u never pay attention!" Wrote Hisana.
    "-_- so?..."
    "Do u have friends?"
    "Ur as close as it gets -_-"
    "But u don't even talk 2 me. ]-("
    "Exactly..."Wrote Zero. After reading that Hisana looked at Zero. "(Well that's stupid)" She tought.
    "You think it's stupid,huh?I don't like to socialize,so what?" Said Zero without facing her.Hisana opened her eyes really big. "I tought I told you not to read my toughts!"
    "I tought I told you it's imposible" Said Zero with a wise tone.
    "Are ur parents divorced or do u guys live 2gether?" Wrote Hisana.
    "My parents are dead..." Hisana felt hard cold after reading that. "(Poor Zero)"

    Hisana took the paper and wrote another question.Zero sighed.He didn't even bothered to read the question.He simply wrote:"Leave me alone".Hisana stopped bothering him for what was left of that afternoon school period.

    The bell ranged and it was time to go home.For some reason Hisana felt as if Zero had some internal issues and she wanted to help him so she tried to be quick when grabbing her books.When she went outside of the school,she saw from afar Zero putting on his helmet.He got on his motorcycle and drove away.Hisana reacted fast and fallowed him to his house.

    She hid between the bushes of his house and peeked at what he was doing.Zero was taking off his helmet and putting a cover over his motorcycle.When he went inside the house,Hisana got out of the bushes and went to peek trough the window.He dropped his school coat on the sofa and went into the kitchen.Hisana moved from that window to the one in the kitchen.Zero pulled out some carrots,letuce,tomatoes and cucumbers. "(Zero can cook?Nice)". He began chopping all of the vegetables into tiny chunks.He accidently cut himself lightly in the finger. "Ah,what a waste." He put the tip of his finger on his mouth and kept chopping the rest of the vegetables with one hand.Suddenly,Zero opens his eyes very big and drops the knive. "Ahh! Not again!" He covered his ears,dropped on the floor and began screaming in agony.Hisana got really worried. "Zero!!!" She entered the house to help him.When she got to the kitchen,Zero's eyes were color red which really made Hisana scared.He ripped his school shirt off.He had a cross looking mark on his chest.Hisana dropped on the floor next to him. "Zero,It's fine.You're okay.I'm here to help you." Said Hisana. "H-Hisana?" Said Zero who then fell unconcious.Hisana opened her eyes and saw Zero with his eyes closed in her arms.He slowly opened them and saw Hisana infront of him. "Hisana! What are you doing here?"
    "Um...I...I sorta fallowed you all the way to your house and..." Zero pushed her to the floor.Hisana was in between his legs. "Don't you ever come to this place again,you here me?"
    "But Zero...what's wrong?"
    "Nothing just please...leave...now" Zero got off from untop of her and helped her stand up. "I'm not leaving.I want to know what happened to you." Said Hisana with a serious face. "Nothing now leave."
    "I don't want to leave,damnit! Why do I have to leave?" Screamed Hisana.
    "Because this is my goddamn house and I don't want you here!"
    "Yes but why?" Hisana yet insisted.
    "Because I don't want you to get hurt." Hisana looked at Zero. "Get hurt?Why would I get hurt?" Zero looked at the mark on his chest. "What is that cross mark on your chest?" Asked Hisana.Zero took her hand and put it over the mark.
    "Do you feel something,Hisana?"
    "Exactly...you don't because...I don't have a heart."
    "...what are you talking about?Everyone has a heart."
    "I don't...I traded it."
    "...I'm comfused."
    "When I was a little boy,my family died in a car accident.I was so devastated.I wanted my family back.I wanted them back so much.One night,I was sleeping in my bed and I had a nightmare.When I opened my eyes,a demon was infront of me and he asked me if I really wanted my family back and I said yes.He told me that to get my family back I had to give him my heart.Since I was small,I didn't know what I was doing,so I accepted the contract." Hisana looked at her hand which was on his mark.
    "...and how did this whole thing came about?" Asked Hisana.
    "Well,first he cut opened my chest with his fingers and pulled my heart out.Then,in place of my heart,he put some sort of black pill which was burning tough the pill never turned into ash."
    "And which are the side effects of this whole thing?" Asked Hisana.
    "Well,since he took my inmortal heart,not the actual heart or else I'd be dead,I have no amberlife.And if I have no amberlife,eventually...I'll turn into a demon." Hisana gasped.
    "And were can you find amberlife?"
    "...in human's blood.The thing with humans is that there bodies can create amberlife...my body can't."
    "...so does that mean that you have actually sucked a human's blood?"
    "No.I've never had.That's why,this thing that just happened here in the kitchen,is going on so frequently...my thirst for blood." Hisana's face turned pale.
    "T-Thisrt f-for human blood?...Are you like a vampire or s-something?...Do you have fangs?" Zero looked at her.
    "Yeah,I do,you could say that." Hisana's face turned white. "But don't worry...I wont bite...unless you let me to." Said Zero sarcasticaly.
    Hisana's face turned normal again. "Hisana,please...leave." Said Zero as he turned his face the other way.
    "But wait! You need amberlife or else you'll turn into a demon."
    "I know...so what?"
    "...you can take mine,if you want..." Zero opened his eyes really wide and turned to look at Hisana's eyes.She was serious.
    "No,Hisana.I wouldn't.I don't want to hurt you" The cross mark on his chest began to glow.
    "You will hurt yourself if you don't take it;And besides,you said humans can create more amberlife so
    there's no need to worry about me." Hisana got really close to him and he whispered in his ear:"Go on...take it".At such a close range,Zero could smell her blood.The demon inside him was raging for blood.Zero opened his mouth and showed his fangs.Hisana closed her eyes but Zero pushed her away. "I'm sorry,Hisana...I just can't do it."
    "Yes you can...I'm not asking you just take it."
    "DO IT!!!" Hisana yelled at him.Zero grabbed Hisana and bit her neck without hesitation.Zero felt glory as he regained more amberlife.As he took her amberlife,Hisana hugged him. "(I'm here to help you,Zero)" The demon in Zero wanted more but Zero backed away from Hisana.The mark on his chest kept glowing and Zero lowered his head.Hisana hugged him again and said:"I'm here to help you,Zero"
    "I don't want you to help me" Said Zero without facing her.
    "But I am.Take it." Zero's eyes turned dark red.He brought Hisana closer and was about to bite her again. "(Go on,Zero...it's for your own good)" Zero bit her again and drank her blood.He knew he couldn't drink to much because that could kill her so he tried to control himself.When he couldn't bare the guilt of having to suck her blood,he pushed her away.
    "Yes,what is it?"
    "When you asked me if I had friends...I just wanted you to know that...you're my only friend." Hisana stood quiet. "Now,I beg you...don't tell anyone at school because if they made a ruckuss just because you sat next to me in lunch time...I don't want to imagine what they'll do to you if they found out you're my friend." Hisana smiled.

    Suddenly,a violent storm began.You could barely see outside. "Oh,God,look at the weather.Turn on the news,Zero." Zero turned on his TV on the weather channel.
    "A violent storm seems to be taking place on the subburbs of north Tokyo.There is a 96% chance that this storm won't clear out at least until three a.m." Said the meteorologist.
    "Well,Zero,I guess I'll have to stay in your house 'till tomorrow..."
    "...I'll go upstairs to prepare the guestroom."
    "Then I'll make some hot chocolate." Zero didn't answer back.He went upstairs to prepare a room for Hisana.When Hisana finished making the hot chocolate,she took a tray and slowly walked up the stairs.
    "Zero,were are you?I'm sorta knew here so lead the way."
    "I'm in the second room to the left." When Hisana entered the room,she was amazed at how beautiful this room was.
    "You like?This room used to belong to my older sister.She was the same age as you."
    "I love it.So what was her name?" Asked Hisana as she placed the tray in the small desk.
    "Her name was Mei." Said Zero as he took one of the cups. "Hmm...wait here,Hisana" Zero put the cup back in the tray and left Hisana in the room.He came back in with one of his school shirts. "Why don't you go take a shower.Afterwards you can wear this.Wait,let me unbutton it for you."
    "It's okay.Thanks!"
    "No,Hisana...thank you..." Hisana left the shirt on top of her bed.Zero finished his hot chocolate fast. "Well,I'll be leaving to shower.You...do whatever it is you have to do.Goodnight." Zero closed the door behind him and walked to his room.Hisana finished her hot chocolate and filled the tub with hot water and took off her clothes.Few minutes later and she was relaxing and enjoying her bath in the tub.

    Zero didn't use the tub.He used the shower as usual so he finished first then Hisana.He wore for bed some long night pants and no shirt.He went to bed,as well,first then Hisana.

    It was 2:23 a.m. and Zero began to feel heat in his entire body.He was still asleep.In his dream,the demon appeared.
    "Well,well,Zero.It seems as if you finally tasted the glory of amberlife.And to think it was your friend."
    "What do you want?" Asked Zero to the demon.
    "Me? Let's see.I've got your heart.Your happiness.Your freewill...hmmm...nothing for now." The demon laughed. "Get out of my dreams."

    "Oh,c'mon Zero.I haven't talked to you since the time I took your heart.Lets catch up." Said the demon with an evil smile. "I said get out!"

    "Okay.Okay,fine.I will but let me tell you something,Zero...Even if a human offered you her blood,it does not mean much for you.Besides,you don't seem that happy."

    "I am happy...in a way...I just don't smile.I'm leaving.Oh! and by the way Hisana means a lot to me..." Zero walked away from the presence of the demon until he woke up.

    It was 6:30 a.m. and Zero was making breakfeast for both of them.Hisana came down the stairs.She'd just woke up and still wasn't dressed for school.
    "Hmm...that smells good,Zero.Do you like to cook?" Zero didn't reply. "Oh,ok,I see.It's the silent treatment again,huh? Fine! Then be with it!" Zero turned around with two plates.Each had to slices of bacon,one egg,two pancakes and powedered sugar on top. "Yes,I like to cook.Goodmorning,Hisana." Said Zero with a serious face and without facing her. "(Hmm.That does look tasty)"
    "Hisana,you have to finish eating because you still aren't dressed." Said Zero,once again,without facing her.Hisana was getting pissed off with his attitude. "Hey,Zero!"
    "When talking to someone you have to face the person." Said Hisana with a loud voice.
    "Yeah.But I don't go by the rules" Hisana sat quiet as if he had just shut her mouth.When Hisana finished eating,she went back upstairs to change.Zero went outside to the garage.When Hisana locked the house.She began walking down the sidewalk to school. "Hey,Hisana,were you going?"
    "To school,why?"
    "Oh,aren't you going to go on my motorcycle.I already brought an extra helmet so..."
    "Oh...ok" Hisana got in the back of his motorcycle and they drove off. "Hisana,hold on tight"

    * * *

    They were entering inside the classroom.Everything was normal as yesterday except Hio and Mishiro.
    They wouldn't stop glaring at Hisana.Zero sat first next to the window and then Hisana.During that morning period,Hisana asked him three question and three times he ignored her.She was really getting pissy. "(After giving him some amberlife,which he much needed,this is how he repays me?...)"

    "Hey,I didn't wanted to drink your blood.You're the one who said -do it-" Said Zero.Hisana opened her eyes really wide.
    "(Can he read my toughts?)"

    "Of course I can.What did you expect after an entire afternoon drinking your blood?" Said Zero without facing her.Hisana got pissy again. "Don't read my toughts." Said Hisana.
    "I don't need to.I can sense them from a mile away.It's like you scream in your toughts." Said Zero.
    "Well ignore them!" Zero looked at her,sighed,and then looked the other way again.
    "Ok students..." Said the profesor. "I'm assigning a homework on human chemistry.All you have to do is rate your partner's chemistry from 1 to 5.Write it in your notebooks.I think one day is enough.I expect all of you to hand them by tomorrow." Hisana looked at Zero.Clear it was that there chemistry is unrateable.Then the bell rang and it was lunch time.

    Hisana was making the line in the cafeteria and Zero was behind her.She grabbed her food and turned around.
    "Um...Hisana-chan..." Said Mishiro.
    "How would you like to seat with us?" Asked Mishiro with a fake smile.Zero stood infront of Hisana and glared down at Mishiro. "I'm afraid she can't.We have to rate our chemistry so we have to spend time together." Mishiro looked at Hisana and then walked away.She sat next Hio.
    "What happened Mishiro?" Asked Hio.
    "I think I am jelous of Hisana-chan.Hio,remind me next year to seat next to Zero-kun" Said Mishiro without facing her. "Hai!" Said Hio.

    "Lets go outside,Zero."
    "What's the point?We can't rate our chemistry."
    "...you're right." Zero looked at Hisana. "We can't.So all we have to do is lie it."
    "Okay,that's sounds fair enough.How about 2?"
    "Sounds okay."
    "There problem solved.All we have to do now is write it down in our notebooks."
    "Yeah." Zero and Hisana finished eating.When the bell rang,they went back inside the classroom.For some reason,Mishiro wouldn't stop staring at Hisana and that was sorta giving her the creeps.

    They were already by the third class of the afternoon period,when suddenly Zero feels as if his throat was dry.The demon inside him was losing control.Zero dropped his pen and ran out of the classroom. "Zero!" screamed Hisana. "Hisana,since you're his partner,go help him,please." Said the profesor without facing her.Hisana ran out as well.She looked at the empty hallway and saw Zero on his knees next to the lockers.He was grabbing his neck and coughing. "Zero,are you alright?!" Hisana ran to were he was and dropped on her knees as well.His eyes were once again dark red. "Stay away,Hisana!!!" Said Zero in an angry voice.Hisana grabbed him by his arms and pulled him.Without letting go of his neck,he stood up.Hisana pulled him towards the boy's restroom.She took off her jacket and then took off his.
    "Take it,Zero" She got close to him.Zero could smell the amberlife in her neck.His eyes turned glowing red.He opened his mouth really wide and his fangs began to stretch out.He bit Hisana and drank her amberlife. "(He didn't hesitated this time)" She wrapped her arms around him and so did he.Hisana pushed him away. "Let's leave." They ran out of the school and to his house.

    Once there,Hisana unbuttoned his shirt. "(The mark is glowing...)" She grabbed Zero by the shirt and pulled him close to her.Without hesitating,he bit her again.When he finished he simply backed away and wiped the blood from his face.
    "Um...Zero,this might sound wierd but..."
    "You enjoy it when I suck your blood?" Hisana looked at Zero.
    "...how did you know...what I was going to say?"
    "I can tell what you feel by the taste of your blood." Hisana looked down.
    "Y-You know what I feel?...well that just gives me the creeps." Said Hisana with a smile.
    "How can you do that?" Said Zero.He stood up and backed away from Hisana.
    "What do you mean,Zero?Do what?"
    "Smile.How can you smile all the time?"
    "I...I don't.I..."
    "You smile when you want to cry..."
    "Yeah." Said Hisana with a smile.
    "But why?" Asked Zero.Hisana sat in one of the chairs in his living room.As Hisana smiled,a tear streamed down her cheek.
    "It's just that...my entire life I have been alone my whole life and..."
    "You want to see someone smiling." Said Zero interrupting Hisana.She simply smiled.
    "Yes.That's right."
    "But why with me?" Asked Zero.
    "Because like me,you're all alone.And even tough you suffered the consequences,I want to help you because I know what it feels like to lose everything just like that."
    "But why?" Zero insisted.Hisana gently grabbed him by his head and he grabbed her hands.She brought him close to her head. "I don't know Zero...I don't know." She whispered.Zero suddenly felt as if his energy drained and dropped his head on her shoulder. "Zero,I'm here because I want to help you."
    "I'm sorry,Hisana...you can't compare yourself to me." Said Zero without raising his head.
    "No...I can't...but I can help you and cheer you until this curse which is upon you disapears." They stayed liked that for a few minutes.
    "Thank you,Hisana..."

    * * *
    Hisana grabbed her jacket and turned to face Zero.
    "Well,I'm heading home.I'll see you tomorrow,Zero." Zero walked her to the door.
    "So,what are we going to tell the profesor?" Asked Zero.
    "Hmm...Lets just tell him you had a personal problem and you had to leave."
    "But what about you,Hisana?"
    "Don't worry.I'm fine.He did told me to go help you so...that's exactly what I did."
    "...Ok...are you sure you don't want me to take you to your house?"
    "Are you willing to take me to my house?" Asked Hisana.
    "Well I'm just saying.It's not like I have anything better to do." Hisana smiled.