• " a warewolf?" i said shoked "seriously?"

    he looked at me with this boyish grin on his face. "yep, and im proud of it." just then i saw a large pair of gray ears and a gray bushy tail apear out of nowere on erins head.

    "oh, wow!" i sat there gaping at him."dont you want to see me completely looking like a wolf?"he asked hopefully.i nodded, then remembered something." wait cant you only turn into a werewolf at the full moon? and isnt it dangerous to show your true form?"

    erin rolled his eyes,wich promptly pissed me off. but then alphonse distrated me "thats the fabled werewolf, the true werewolf has three forms; human, half human half wolf and complete wolf. the only real connection they have to the full moon is that they become stronger" he finished looking pleased.

    "oh" my face grew hot and i knew that it was goin to turn completely red, if no one said anything soon. lola walked into the compartment and sat next to me"dont worry about it, when erin found out he was on the brink of crying!" she said laughing.

    it was erins turn to turn red "no i wasnt!". "oh so your telling me that you didnt run into my arms like a baby?" he, if possible got even reder and was about to retort when i suddenly spoke to lola." are you a werewolf too?"

    "i dontknow but everyone thinks that i am going to be one considering m twin is one" she leaned closer to me and wispered" but id rather not be the same race as my brother even if i do like wolfs" i looked up at her confused.what did she mean by that and as i looked into her eyes i breifly saw,was that fear?

    but before i could question her more aboutit she suddenly got up and said "were almost at the school so we might as well head back to our compartments and get changed" she adressed erin and alphonse.

    "see ya later!" erin said and left with lola waving to me and following him. alphonse got up and with a bow said "we will meet again miss Lourelle" then straitened up, smiled and left to his compartment next door.